View Full Version : unprotected aluminum cleaning

08-14-2005, 10:33 AM
I was over at my friends house who has an 89 Mustang. His car always looks super clean (because he does not drive it much). He has a set of Welds aluminum drag wheels which do not have a clear coat. The instructions for cleaning wheels are as follows: clean with water and mild soap. Do not use any chemicals as they may contain acids that will stain the aluminum. Mothers aluminum polish (there were others listed too) can be used to polish them (follow the natural grain in the aluminum) then follow up with baby powder and a dry soft cloth to remove any oils and fingerprints (follow the grain as well).

I have seen his wheels and they are almost a mirror. At first I thought he was kidding about the baby poweder, until he pulled out the care instructions for cleaning the wheels. For those of you here that my have unprotected aluminum wheels (lacking a clear coat) perhaps that may help you.