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Black Horse
08-29-2005, 02:44 PM
Hyper-Performance Motorsports Inc. is please to announce that we are now a preferred distributor for the "PowerGrid" line of High-Performance Components.

Here are a couple of items that will greatly benefit your Mustang/Cobra:

EFI Ford IAC Adapters this converts your current and unreliable Ford IAC (Idle Air Control) to the GM High-Flow IAC Motor. The complete kit includes the adapter body, IAC motor, and wiring harness adapter. Units are available for the Mustangs, Cobras as well as a Universal kit. Cost: $199.00
For more information see the PowerGrid website: www.powergridinc.com/iac.asp

Adjustable Sway-Bar Links this unique system eliminates the old "pogo-stick" type sway bar end-link with a tuneable link utilizing THK Ball ends. This system not only eliminates the inherent bind in the "pogo-stick" designs, but allows for adjustment to set your swaybar for optimal performance. For a bit more than you would spend on the polyurethane type pogo-stick end links, you can have the best adjustable end-link on the market today. This design is available for all current Mustangs and Cobras including the 2005+ Models and Cobra IRS Rear Sway bars. Adjustable End-Links are easy to install and adjust. Cost: $150.00/set ('05+ Mustangs) $220.00/set (Fox/SN95 Mustangs/Cobras and Cobra IRS)-includes adapter hardware. Other applications are being developed daily, please contact us with your specific requirements!

For orders over $2000 (group purchase) we would be more than glad to apply a generous discount.

For more information see the PowerGrid website: www.powergridinc.com/swaybar.asp

See more about the PowerGrid product lines at: www.powergridinc.com

Feel free to call us with your questions about these new and exciting products.

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email: hyperperform@aol.com