View Full Version : New Orleans Survivor Mini Collie Needs A Home!

Topless In Tex
09-06-2005, 01:22 AM
things here in in chaos. ALOT of mixed emotions right now of our city and, things are in chaos for my boss and her misplaced and now homeless...about 23 of them, some are okay, without anything, and some lost IT ALL. . Darleens Cousin Christie, feels like she needs to find her Mini Collie a new home. I was going to take him, but he is a little too big for my chiwahwah and my pomeranian. Hes about the size of a Sheltie. VERY CUTE and VERY PLAYFUL! If they dont find a home for him they will prolly take him to the spca. I HATE TO SEE THAT! If any of ya'll want a loving dog, he can dance and roll over. Hes 5 years old! He rode here from New Orleans in the back of Mustang GT!
HE NEEDS A HOME, AND HES FREE! Again, if he were smaller, I wouldve taken him.
If anyones interested, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! and, if anyone wants to helpout, my boss has taken in about 20 of her family members, some of who have lost everything, the rest staying with others. they have LOTS of kids from 1 year to 9th grade, and thier Salon that all the women (4 cousins ) worked for Darleens uncle Jay at John Jays, was completely under water (under 12 feet of water off of of Robert E Lee Blvd.)! He also lost his house (ther uncle Jay, who owns the Salon), but I'm sure he will be okay. Just the girls are now without a job and living at my bosses house, again, shes got about 20 at her house, and is losing her mind. Anyways...I would REALLY LIKE TO SEE THIS DOG GO TO SOMEONE TO LOVE IT!!

They are going thru a real hard time and I cant stand the thought of Max being euthenized. Hes sooooooooooooo cute..
Please pass this on..