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09-12-2005, 03:51 AM
So I'm looking to purchase an '03 SVT ASAP!
Basically I am wondering (and I'm coming from the import tuner world) of what are some nice parts for the cobra.
More specifically exhaust, intake, ems/ tuning, injectors, super charger upgrades?
I'm looking to make quite a bit of power and was thinking getting a K.B. for some good feelin' numbers! As far as exhaust I want something that really sets the cobra off as far as sound and quality. Nothing too loud but- well, 'classy' if you will..
We'll start there...
Thanks! Jake. :D

09-15-2005, 02:19 AM
Ok, for starters here's what I'd do, but everyone has a different opinion on some things like exhaust etc.....

Intake: https://www32.ssldomain.com/jlttruecoldair/products.php?make=Ford&model=Mustang%20SVT%20Cobra&year=2003-2004

Tuning: SCT/Diablo.....either one will work great, main thing is the tuner!

Injectors: stock injectors are good for around 500rwhp or so, any more then that I'd opt for the 60lb injectors

Supercharger upgrades: Kenne Bell or Whipple, both are fairly even I beleive. I've actually got the KB on my car reason is I got a good deal on it and it whines loud like a pig :D

Exhaust: I recommend full Bassani (headers, x-pipe, and cat-back)

Other cat-backs that I would recommend are the Magnaflows, Borla Stingers, MAC, and Flowmaster.

Hope this get's you started, if you want a good bit of power without throwing out the money for a supercharger upgrade. I'd suggest you port the blower, this with other supporting mods will get you around the 500+rwhp mark. If you want more then through a shot of nitrous on it or just go straight for the supercharger upgrade!

If you want more then 700rwhp then I'd just start saving and go straight for the twin turbo's :D

09-16-2005, 09:24 PM
if you are looking to purchase we have a 03 Cobra already set up..showroom mint 6800K miles detuned 610hp contact me at 864 332 0955 for more details