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09-13-2005, 10:03 AM
I was wondering if a cobra will give you better results with power adders. I have only owned my 99 for two months. When I sold my 01 GT I had many upgrades to my car including headers intake x-pipe msd ign., pulleys etc. If you could bolt it on I had it on my mustang. I have heard that doing similar upgrades to my Cobra will actually yield higher output:doubt: My GT was putting close to 310 to the ground. Figuring that my Cobra is probably putting down 260-270 to the ground with only A/T flowmasters and a 5spd. what is the most power u guys have seen on these motors while naturally aspirated to the rear wheels, and what part gave the most rwhp? Thanks :thumbsup:

09-13-2005, 07:47 PM
400 + rwhp with heads/cams/intake....the right combo can yield close to 500 rwhp naturally aspirated horsepower.

For bolt-on cars (pulleys, CAI, timing adjuster, exhaust, etc..) 320-340 rwhp.

A stock '99/'01 Cobra should be putting 270+ rwhp with no modifications (fixed '99).

Poweradders like heads that flow....and the DOHC has extremely well flowing heads from the factory. That's one reason why these engines respond so well to nitrous, turbo and superchargers.

My '97 Cobra gained 150 rwhp just by adding a stock Vortech kit.

09-13-2005, 07:50 PM
RG = Race Gas
PI = Ported Intake
PSR = Ported Short Runner Intake

*SAE numbers preferred. STD numbers = SAE when adjusted approx 2% - 4% lower. Multiply STD numbers by .98 -.96 to get SAE
*All engines 4.6 Litre unless noted

Randy Haywood (548/439 STD*) 5.4L, Ported '00R's/Cams/Sheetmetal Intake/Carb/RG. N/A HP Champion.
Boss 330 (520/440 STD*) 5.4L, Ported '00R's/Cams/PSR/RG.
Mike T. @ Modular Performance (510 STD*) 5.0L, Ported FR500/PSR/Cams/RG.
Joe Hutchins SHM 5.2/5.3L (475) Ported B head/Cams/Kinsler IR intake/RG.
Shawn Johnson (454 STD*) 5.0L, Ported C Heads/Mod Perf Cams/Custom Intake/Carbureted/RG.
WMS (448 SAE) 5.3L, Ported C Head/FR500 Intake/Cams.
Paul S/PHP (430) 5.0L, Ported FR500/FR500 Intake/Cams/RG.
360NotchforUrLS1 (420/390) Ported 99/01 C head/Ported Intake/Crane Cams.
Dennis Sharp/DS97Cobra (420/330 STD*) 5.0L Ported FR500/FR500, Houston Perf Cams.
Mystic1/Ted S. (414/335 STD*) 5.0L, Ported 01 Heads/FR500 Intake/Mod Perf Regrinds.
01CobraSVT TICO (410/323.5 SAE) 5.0L BB/Ported 01 Heads/Hensler Spec Cams.
Ron 99 Cobra (385) 5.0L, Ported C Head/PSR.
Blacksnake305 (lafear01) (383/369 SAE) 5.0L BB, Fox Lake Ported 01 Heads/Joeys PI/FR500 Cam.
Nazman (from Mighty Mustangs) (376/341 SAE) Owner Ported Intake/Owner Ported FR500 Heads/FR500 Cams. 4.6L HP Champion.
Shawn Johnson (374 SAE) 99' Factory Stock Race Motor.
Jims SVT (370/318 SAE). JSR (jims svt) Ported Short Runner. Ported96-98 B head/Cams.
Joe Lynch (370/300 SAE) Ported C Heads/PSR Intake/Houston Perf Regrind Cams.
James Hensler (370 SAE) Ported B Head/HCI intake/Cams/RG.
Shalom96 (369.5/334 SAE) 5.0L Stroker, Ported B Heads/Short Runner Intake/Houston Perf Cams.
ITLRUN (363.8/311.3 SAE) Bowl&Valve Work by Al on 03 heads/FR500 Intake/Stock Mach Cams.
Blown46Cobra/David Simmons (360/326 SAE) 5.0L, Ported B Heads/SSR intake/FR500 Cams.
vrtical (360/320 SAE) Ported 01 C Head/Aviator Intake/Crower Cams/RG.
Bob Cosby (356.2@6100/337.4@5000 SAE) .020 over and good valve job. Stock Cams & Intake.
ddmander (356/355) 5.0L/Ported C Heads/Extrude Hone Intake.
Barry Shepard (350) Ported FR500 Heads/FR500 Intake/Cams/RG.
99BlackVenom (350/329 SAE) Ported FR500's/Extrude Hone Intake/SHM Stage2 Cams.
Duane V (346/293 SAE) Ported B Head/PI/Crower Regrind Cams/RG.
RedCobraVert (346/318) Ported C Head/Cams.
Nazman (from Mighty Mustangs) (337/337 SAE) PI, 99 C head. Bolt on HP Champion.
huzsvt (337/336 SAE) SHM stage 2 ported intake and stage 1 ported 99 C heads/Crower Cams.
4VMENACE (335/319 SAE) PSR/Ported 97 B head/SHM Cams.
jcitroloc (332/322 SAE) PI. 03 Mach C head with prep work by Boss 330.
ExplorerThis (from SVTPerformnce) (331.65/323 SAE) 01 C head.
tmhutch (331.6/325 SAE) PSR. 01 C head.
CYA (from SVTPerformnce) (330/320 SAE) Ported, extrude honed intake. 01 C head.
Jeff Peterson (330 SAE) PI. 01 C head.
Stedda (328/321 SAE). 01 C head.
Quick01snake (327/327 SAE). 01 C head.
Jims SVT (326/305 SAE). JSR (jims svt) Ported Short Runner. 96-98 B head.
stockmach1 (mch 1 regstry.com) (324/337 SAE) 03 C head.
4V GTS (322.4/317.9 SAE). C head.
32VHEMIJR (322 SAE) PSR. C head.
BEERFORMEPLZ (321/353! SAE) 04 Mach.
MODSTER (320). C head.
Skyler (320/319 SAE) PI by Naz. C head.
TxSnakeCharmer (320/310 SAE) Extrude Hone Intake. C head.
103 (Dustin) (320/315 STD*). C head.
RUNNINFAST (320/299) B head/ported intake/dome pistons/SHM cams.
Joe98Stang (319/309) C head.
COBRACIDE (318/317) C head.
99SVTAddict (318/315 SAE) PI. C head.
SVT CAMR (318/290 SAE) Ported Intake. 96-98 B head.