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Nashville Race Report – September 4, 2005

The weather was spectacular with blue, sunny skies, temperature in the mid-80’s with low humidity, and a slight breeze. Racers and spectators alike welcomed the perfect weekend, especially after experiencing Katrina just days earlier. There were fifteen race cars on site to take advantage of the wonderful weather and the typical outstanding facilities and hospitality of the . With the venue set and the cars on hand, Saturday got off to a quick start with the sound of race engines splitting the air promptly at 9:00 AM for a day of almost unlimited track time and of course the anticipated qualifying. The Nitto sponsored AV8SS series was off to a great start on a fantastic weekend!
There were some new faces present and some old faces driving different cars on hand for the weekend of racing. Mike Scornavacchi brought out his gorgeous blue Z06 Corvette to play, and Shawn Jewett was on hand with his #34 Mustang to attend the competition school to obtain his AV8SS license. The Wilson/Tone team brought out Mark Wilson’s beautiful 1993 Cobra “R” due to an engine failure in the #29 Mustang the prior weekend at Putnam Park and Lester Lesneski, a series regular, was absent but sent his #1 Mustang to be driven by fellow racer Greg Anderson.
For qualifying and Race 1, the track was configured to run without the “bus stop” thus taking advantage of the speed of the high banks of Turns 3 and 4. This particular set up favored the higher horsepower cars and David Morrison in the Unlimited #9 Kenny Brown Mustang didn’t disappoint, setting overall pole with a blistering :57.187 lap time. He was followed closely by a trio of AV8 cars with Pete Johns in the #72 Firebird, Eric Vickerman in the #0 Camaro and Barry Kline in the #66 Mustang – all under the magic one minute lap time. Less than a second back found the quintet of Greg Anderson driving the Lester Lesneski #1 Mustang, Brian Tone in the On Track Performance sponsored, Mark Wilson owned #26 1993 Mustang Cobra “R”, Mike Schlickenmyer driving Dan Schlickenmeyer’s #11 Musatng, and Mike Krider in his Unlimited #42 Mustang. Nelson Grossnickle in his gorgeous #37 1966 Mustang, Gene Boccabella in the #22 1995 Cobra “R”, Brion Gluck in the #19 Mustang, and newcomers Shawn Jewett in the #34 Mustang and Mike Scornavacchi in his beautiful blue #99 Z06 Corvette rounded out the field. Ed McClain in his #22 Corvette was unable to make the grid due to mechanical engine woes and Jack Flynn in the #18 Mustang was unable make the grid due a sudden attack of the flu which put a damper on his entire weekend. It was a real joy to watch and listen to the cars roar around the track in a continuous concert of exhaust notes and tire squeal.

Saturdays Qualifying Results:
Qualifying Class Time Position
David Morrison #9 Unlimited 0:57.187 1
Pete Johns #72 AV8SS 0:58.997 2
Eric Vickerman #0 AV8SS 0:59.322 3
Barry Kline #66 AV8SS 0:59.651 4
Greg Anderson #1 AV8SS 1:00.186 5
Brian Tone #26 AV8SS 1:00.691 6
Mike Schlickenmeyer #11 AV8SS 1:01.091 7
Mike Krider #42 Unlimited 1:01.893 8
Nelson Grossnickle #37 AV8SS 1:03.528 9
Gene Boccabella #22 AV8SS 1:05.656 10
Brion Gluck #19 AV8SS no time 11
Shawn Jewett #34 AV8SS no time 12
Mike Scornavacchi #99 AV8SS no time 13
Jack Flynn # 18 AV8SS DNS
Ed McClain #22 AV8SS DNS

Sunday broke with identical weather as the day before, perfect again for a day at the track. The anticipation built as the brightly painted cars took the grid in preparation for Race 1. The format was to be what has become the standard AV8SS two race day: A thirty minute Race 1 followed by a thirty minute break in the hot pits and then a thirty minute Race 2.

With the cars on the grid, trouble reared its’ head for the #9 Morrison Mustang when electrical problems surfaced and the car barely made it off for the parade laps, but it was short lived as the car died before the start. Race 1 got off to a thrilling start when Johns faltered on the green allowing Vickerman and Anderson to get past, claiming 2nd and 3rd spots respectively. But Schlickenmeyer had the move of the race immediately grabbing four spots before Turn 1 to take 4th and then to move by Anderson on lap three into 3rd. By lap four the field had settled with Vickerman retaining 1st followed by Johns, Schlickenmeyer, Anderson and Kline. The newcomer Scornavacchi wasted little time moving his Corvette from the back of the field to claim 6th followed by Tone, Krider, Boccabella, Grossnickle and Jewett. Gluck, suffering mechanical issues, retired after two laps. By this time the Morrison #9 Mustang had been repaired and joined back into the fray, several laps down, but still charging hard, passing car after car while setting fast lap time of the race. Things remained the same for several more laps until Vickerman dropped out with his own mechanical problems and Johns claimed 1st, the rest remaining in order. By lap thirteen Schlickenmeyer began to slowly drop back fighting power steering issues while Scornavacchi continued his move to the front by getting past Kline then Anderson, the three putting on a ferocious battle running nose to tail lap after lap, then swapping positions again with Anderson and Kline both getting back by Scornavacchi. During this battle up front, Tone had settled into 6th spot some distance behind the more powerful cars, but was fending off a challenge from Krider, the two of them putting some space behind the trailing cars of Bocabella, Grossnickle and Jewett. But as the Tone - Krider skirmish warmed up, Krider threw a belt sending him to the garage on lap ten. Then on lap twenty one disaster struck when a tire went flat on the #1 Mustang sending Anderson hard into the Turn 3 & 4 wall at high speed, destroying the front of the car but fortunately, due to a well built car and safety gear, with no injury to Greg. After taking the lead in lap seven, Johns never looked back, finishing first followed by Kline, Scornavacchi, Schlickenmeyer, Tone, Boccabella, Grossnickle, Jewett and Morrison.

Race 1 Results:

Race 1, 25 Laps Complete
Overall Finishing Order Class Points Position Laps Championship Points Awarded
Pete Johns #72 AV8SS 1 1 25 103
Barry Kline #66 AV8SS 2 2 25 95
Mike Scornavacchi #99 AV8SS 3 3 25 91
Mike Schlickenmeyer #11 AV8SS 4 4 25 88
Brian Tone #26 AV8SS 5 5 25 86
Gene Boccabella #22 AV8SS 6 6 24 84
Nelson Grossnickle #37 AV8SS 7 7 24 82
Shawn Jewett #34 AV8SS 8 8 24 80
Greg Anderson #1 AV8SS 9 9 22 79
David Morrison #9 Unlimited 1 10 21 103
Mike Krider #42 Unlimited 2 DNF 10 52
Eric Vickerman #0 AV8SS 10 DNF 7 40
Brion Gluck #18 AV8SS 11 DNF 2 40

Ed McClain #22 AV8SS DNS 0 0
Jack Flynn AV8SS DNS 0 0

Best Lap in Race 1: Class Lap Time
David Morrison #9 Unlimited 0:57.972
Pete Johns #72 AV8SS 0:58.585
Eric Vickerman #0 AV8SS 0:59.061
Mike Scornavacchi #99 AV8SS 0:59.230
Mike Schlickenmeyer #11 AV8SS 0:59.402
Barry Kline #66 AV8SS 0:59.503
Greg Anderson #1 AV8SS 0:59.843
Brian Tone #26 AV8SS 1:01.239
Mike Krider #42 Unlimited 1:02.036
Gene Boccabella #22 AV8SS 1:02.222
Nelson Grossnickle #37 AV8SS 1:03.030
Brion Gluck #18 AV8SS 1:07.196
Shawn Jewett #34 AV8SS no time

Ed McClain #22 AV8SS DNS
Jack Flynn AV8SS DNS

For Race 2 it was decided to re-configure the track to include the “bus stop” loop to prevent blistering tires on the high banks and to reduce the possibility of another serious collision with the outside safer barrier. Anderson, Vickerman and Gluck were unable to make the grid for the second race due to problems suffered in Race 1, but Morrison was back with a vengeance. Johns was determined not to be snookered again and at the drop of the green flag, he rocketed to the lead ahead of Morrison, Kline and Tone. Back a little farther it was Krider, Boccabella, Jewett, Scornavacchi and Grossnickle. Schlickenmeyer, experiencing power steering failure, got off the grid late and joined the race at the tail end of the field choosing to wrestle the car around the road course. Morrison was not to be denied and by lap two had passed Johns for the lead while Schlickenmeyr had picked up two spots. The addition of the “bus stop” helped to keep the field more tightly grouped and allowed close racing between several of the drivers, especially Tone and Kline, with Kline holding off the challenge and for several laps until his power advantage let him slowly pull a gap after Tone had the lapped #34 Mustang of Jewett spin directly in front of him causing him to slow. At the front Johns’ Pontiac ran into mechanical failure with his front suspension and had to withdraw to the infield on lap six, watching the rest of the race from his damaged car. While Morrison ran away and hid from the rest of the field by lap sixteen, both Scornavacchi and Schlickenmeyer began to make their moves at mid-race, moving into 5th and 6th respectively with Krider running 4th and Tone in 3rd behind Kline and Morrison. At the back, Bocabella, Grossnickle and Jewett rounded out the field. The order remained this way until lap eighteen when Tone securely in 3rd place, began to slow due to fuel delivery problems, eventually coasting to a halt on lap twenty one with a dead engine. Behind Tone, Krider and Scornavacchi were having a tremendous battle for position with Scornavacchi just getting by Krigder at the stripe. The finishing order would be Morrison, Kline, Scornavacchi, Krider, Schlickenmeyer, Grossnickle, Bocabella and Jewett.

Race 2 Results:
Overall Finishing Order Class Points Position Laps Championship Points Awarded
David Morrison #9 Unlimited 1 1 25 100
Barry Kline #66 AV8SS 1 2 25 100
Mike Scornavacchi #99 AV8SS 2 3 25 95
Mike Krider #42 Unlimited 2 4 25 95
Mike Schlickenmeyer #11 AV8SS 3 5 24 91
Nelson Grossnickle #37 AV8SS 4 6 23 88
Gene Boccabella #22 AV8SS 5 7 23 86
Shawn Jewett #34 AV8SS 6 8 23 84
Brian Tone #26 AV8SS 7 9 21 82
Pete Johns #72 AV8SS 8 DNF 5 41

Eric Vickerman #0 AV8SS DNS
Greg Anderson #1 AV8SS DNS
Brion Gluck #19 AV8SS DNS
Ed McClain #22 AV8SS DNS
Jack Flynn #18 AV8SS DNS

Best Lap in Race 2: Class Lap Time
David Morrison #9 Unlimited 1:08.408
Barry Kline #66 AV8SS 1:10.110
Brian Tone #26 AV8SS 1:10.484
Pete Johns #72 AV8SS 1:10.650
Mike Scornavacchi #99 AV8SS 1:10.894
Mike Krider #42 Unlimited 1:11.781
Mike Schlickenmeyer #11 AV8SS 1:12.244
Nelson Grossnickle #37 AV8SS 1:14.180
Gene Boccabella #22 AV8SS 1:14.976
Shawn Jewett #34 AV8SS no time

Eric Vickerman #0 AV8SS DNS
Greg Anderson #1 AV8SS DNS
Brion Gluck #19 AV8SS DNS
Ed McClain #22 AV8SS DNS
Jack Flynn #18 AV8SS DNS

When all the points were added up, the overall weekend results showed Morrison in 1st with Krider in 2nd in the Unlimited class; and Kline in 1st, newcomer Scornavacchi in 2nd, Schlickenmeyer in 3rd, Bocabella in 4th and Grossnickle in 5th in the AV8 class. The Cobalt “Late Brake” award went to Jack Flynn, the Nitto “Hard Charger” award went to Barry Kline, and the “Sportmans” award went to “Malibu” Mike Schlickenmeyer. It was another great weekend of good, clean, fun racing that was enjoyed by racer and fan alike.

Thanks to all AV8SS sponsors and partners, Nitto Tire, Kenny Brown, Griggs, Steeda, Racer Wholesale, Cobalt Brakes, Amos Publishing, Darkhorse Products, Grassroots Motorsports, IDCARD Consultants, Mustangs Unlimited, Racetech Seats, Capitol Motorcars and nutandboltkit.com.

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