View Full Version : 95R head gasket

09-27-2005, 11:39 PM
Dean sold me a defective Cobra, a mere 3 years after selling it to me......and me only driving the car on weekends, I am going to have to crack the seal on the engine. I have always taken pride that the valve covers had never been off of the engine, but I had a external coolant leak that is going to require a head gasket.

My big question: If a person (a person that looks alot like me) decided to put different heads on a certain car (a car that looks alot like my 95R) what kind of hp gains could they expect and what kind of weight saving? Is it worth changing the heads now that the car is relegated to open track duty only, with the race car getting the rest of the tracking duties?


09-27-2005, 11:48 PM
Brian, (if that is you)

I'm going to put AFR 185 heads on my 302 and if I had to do what you (or someone like you) has to do, then I change to the aluminum heads. They also have a race version so you may want to check that out. Both our cars lack hp but these heads should give you another 50 at the flywheel.(Or at least will to my 5.0) At least I was told that by a very reputable person who knows his 5.0's. I'm not sure about the hp for the 351 but I would guess it would be around the same. Windsor engines lack large exhaust ports, these heads should help solve a lot of that problem. (If it is still you I am replying to??)