View Full Version : 03/04 motor cost, etc

10-04-2005, 09:35 AM
does anybody know what a 03/04 cobra motor would be worth if it came with the wiring harness, clutch, pressure plate, flywheel etc. And how hard would it be (hours labor) to install it compared to a '96 cobra motor and would i need any extra parts to make it work? also can anybody tell me how much the eaton supercharger would be worth on it's own and besides the forged internals how much better is the 03/04 motor and what parts are different/better compared to the '96 cobra motor? And will i have to replace any exhaust parts? I have mac long tube headers with a 2.5" system with no cats, will this bolt up or do i need to replace something?

10-04-2005, 02:33 PM
03/04 crate motors will run you about $12k...you might be able to find some used with 20+k miles for around $5-$6k...the eaton blower alone is probably only worth about $500...

10-15-2005, 08:22 AM
03/04 crate motor: obvious: cast iron block, forged pistons and connecting rods, different crankshaft, stronger bearing caps. aluminum flywheel.
not so obvious: different cam profiles designed for supercharging and higher flow rates, Re-designed aluminum heads almost exceeding the flow rate of the Cobra R heads. Crate motor complete will include the innercooler and lower plenum. Major difference in the heads will require different headers due to the large square exaust ports that will not match the headers you already have. Also note: the fuel system is different (return style I think) and will require the fuel lines to be replaced as well as the fuel tank and fuel pump driver unit (not part of the fuel tank). You may want to upgrade the transmission as well that will handle the hp and torque. I may be mistaken but I think the crate motor complete comes with the ECU as well.

Compare this to any other SVT motor, it is the heads that are the biggest improvement. As for the Eaton, a better choice would be the Whipple 2.3 or Kenn Bell 2.2 (or 2.4).

Almost forgot: you will may need to upgrade the hood to get clearance for the supercharger. just a thought. If you have a strut tower brace it may not fit around the supercharger so that may need to be altered or replaced with one that will fit.