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Topless In Tex
10-10-2005, 02:15 AM
Hey ya'll...

Well, I am moving in with Paul this weekend. Everyone is very happy about it including Caitlin, my mom, and my ex husband! Paul and Louie (my ex) had a good talk over burgers and beer at Carlo's and he is very positive about everything! I have remained good friends with my ex and, hes VERY happy about this. Him and Paul get along great and he knows that Paul has Caitlins best interest at heart.

We shopped today for Caitlins bathroom, and everything is just falling into place. I am selling my house, and all my stuff that I dont need. Lawn stuff(mower, and stuff), appliances (washer/dryer/fridge/furniture). All my stuff is only about 4 years old. And in great shape. We are having a 'moving sale' the first weekend of November, but, if anybody needs any thing before that, I want to get rid of it ASAP, so I can pay off the IRS. So, if any of ya'll want to come check it out, I need to get rid of this stuff!

Were planning on making the Gameroom 1/2 Ford, 1/2 Chevy. lol. All my things that I want to take, we will make room for.

I thought we would do the big move after the Sale in November, but, we're ready to haul the turtles, fishes, the doggies, and everything to LaPorte this weekend. I will NOT be at our Fall Car Show this weekend. and, we have a wedding to go to on Sat. night. Im sure they will do fine without me at the show. Im sure that Steve will head up the judging just fine, as always.

Caitlins hamster died, and Paul took it to our house tonight to bury it. :( she was pitiful the last month (the hamster). I knew she was dying. It looks like she died in her sleep. she suffered for about a month. We found her dead today. Also, my mother called me today. Said that my brother has about 6-8 months to live. His liver is shot. Im am still trying to absorb that. He's 44. We were never real close, and I just dont know how I should feel about that. Its not sunk in yet. I will be here tomorrow boxing stuff up. If any of ya'll need anything, lawn, furniture, appliance, let me know. Or Girl stuff. We are setting Caitin up in a completely different room, and I'm getting rid of all of her stuff. Gonna make it real nice for her. Shes so excited. I feel really good about it. Just got alot on my plate right now.
If any of ya'll want to contact me or are interested you should have my cell number. Kim, I've got some Cobra stuff for you. Call me.
Take Care,

10-10-2005, 02:15 PM
I miss everything! I wish I was there! Sorry to hear the bad news about your brother and your Hamster! We will miss you at the Show! :(