View Full Version : Meguires Marine and RV cleaner wax.

10-17-2005, 07:28 AM
Went to the local parts shop (autozone) to pick up some cleaning supplies. I was looking for a cleaner wax for my Exploder (which is black and tan). I found the usual but up on the top shelf: Meguires Marine and RV cleaner wax for use in salt water. I though great, that may be perfect for winter use. The last time I waxed the Exploder (2 weeks ago) I used clay bar and NXT spray wax (just for a quick job). Wow, the Mequires Marine and RV cleaner was was unbelievalbe. Practically all of the hard water spots were gone and the surface of the paint felt smoother than it ever did (did not use the clay bar this time). The result of the shine was almost perfect. It was easier to take off than apply. I liked it so much I may use it on the Cobra next or at least once in a while.