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10-22-2005, 12:32 PM
Does anyone have an opinion on using exhaust cutouts rather than upgrading the entire exhaust system?

I have found some electric controlled exhaust cutout switches.






10-22-2005, 01:29 PM
From what I have read the Blowers on the Cobras require some backpressure to work properly (spin up and create torque) and that may be a little too free flowing for them. I know some people using them on early BB Fords with great success but they need to breath as much as possible, some others here have a lot more knowledge than I hopefully they will reply, Good Luck!

10-23-2005, 08:34 AM
you wont get the results you are looking for, but if that's the route you wanna go? IMO--you spent $30k on an automobile, why not spend $450 (SLP catback, cheapest ive found or Flowmaster)and get the whole thing? Trust me, ive gone the cheap route on other cars and decided this one would be nothing but the best and ive been happy so far :thumbsup:

10-23-2005, 09:19 AM
If you were running turbo's that would be the way to go since you would be dropping the back pressure from the exhaust to aid the spooling up of the turbo. A recuction in back pressure in a supercharged application would reduce the amount of compressed air being fed into the cylinders if the exhaust and intake valve lobes on the cams are open at the same time. Since the cams were ground to make use of the back pressure, the intake pressure from the supercharger is used to force spent gasses out. Even the use of long tube headers will cause a drop in back pressure due to the increased scavaging (low pressure draw). My guess is that for more effeicient exhaust (LT headers, open headers, etc....) would require a different cam profile to improve performance.