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10-28-2005, 10:20 PM
Hi, Can anyone tell me what is involved with changing out my headlights on my '94 cobra? They have become yellowed and hazy. Tonight I took a quick look at changing them, doesen't look easy......anyone??....thanks...Kip

10-28-2005, 11:15 PM
It's not that hard. You have to remove the side market lights, a 10 mm nut if memory serves me. Then on the back side there are some clips that need to be squeezed in to go throught a hole ( I believe there are 2 of them). It's hard to squeeze the clips, so I used a 12 mm socket & pushed on the clip to squeeze the clip in, while pushing the head light out toward the front of the car.
I bought some NOS Cobra headlights on Ebay for $250. A little more expensive than the non Ford headlights, but much better quality.

11-04-2005, 09:40 PM
It sounds like the issue is with exhaust fumes from the highway having discolored the lenses of the headlamp assembly. (From what I understand, this is a fairly common issue.) That said, let me add that you don't have to replace the headlight assembly--and do not want to--if the lenses are "yellowed and hazy."

The trick is to go to Advance Auto Parts and get this magical stuff called "Mother's Incredible Billet [Aluminum] Polish." Smear some of the polish on a dry, clean rag, and polish the plastic lenses of the headlight assembly, until the yellow discoloration and the haziness are gone.

Though extreme cases might take a little more elbow action, Mother's Incredible Billet Polish works miracles on hazy and discolored headlight lenses--brought my '96 Cobra's headlight assembly back to spankin' new condition, with relatively little elbow action required and no carpal tunnel syndrome as a result. :D

--Professor Chaos

11-09-2005, 07:00 AM
Another option to replacement...


A few treatments of this system will even cure lenses that are so bad they look diseased...

The metal polish trick does work well, but some are too far gone, and need this abrasive kit. Every couple months use the metal polish to maintain them, or even a good cleaner wax will also do the trick. As a rule I treat the headlights every time I wax the car.

Dont forget in addition to the clips that need to be squeezed together there are those tabs that need to be pulled up as well. Great Idea to use the socket cobrapace94, I think I struggled with needle nose pliers... ;)