View Full Version : Just Around the Corner

Steve Treece
10-29-2005, 10:00 AM
Yep, it's just around the corner and a great time to get that wish list going. Whether you're trying to be Santa's "helper" or want to treat a friend at Christmas, you can't go wrong with Zaino or DF Towel products!

Can't decide what to get? We also offer gift certificates in any dollar amount you want!

Browse our entire product line at www.zainocharlotte.com.

Many thanks to the Carolinas SVT Cobra Club for your support this year!!

10-29-2005, 09:23 PM
I definitely have some things on my list for this year:thumbsup: Thanks for helping us Cobra owners with your fine products:thumbsup:

Steve Treece
12-14-2005, 09:44 AM
Time is drawing short! Last day for shipping in the Southeast is Friday.