View Full Version : Anyone use Seafoam?

11-11-2005, 05:05 PM
Hey, I have been reading about this product. Has anyone here used it? Worth it?

11-11-2005, 09:56 PM
I used some on my 91 LX 5.0 just the other month. Sucked 1/3 of a bottle through a vacuum line while the engine was idling (as per the instructions on the can). The engine stalled on me before I could get all the Seafoam into the intake. I had to restart the engine and it promptly drew the rest into the intake. I let the car sit for about 30 minutes, and then proceeded to restart. The car did not start easily and did not idle very well for a few seconds. After goosing the throttle a few times, the car idled fine. Lots of bluish-white smoke came out of the tailpipes as the Seafoam was being burned out of the engine. The car has been fine since and no longer smokes. The idle seemed to improve slightly after the treatment, but I am reluctant to try the same procedure on my 98 Cobra. I know my IMRC's need cleaning; I have 65k on the car and I doubt the previous owners' ever had the intake off. I'll probably clean them in the coming months the old fashioned way.

I have a vacuum guage mounted in my LX to monitor engine load/efficiency. I did not notice any change in idle vacuum after the Seafoam treatment. I don't think I hurt anything, but I am not sure it helped much either...

Your results WILL vary.

11-18-2005, 09:52 AM
My car benefited greatly from Seafome. I recommend it actually. My Cobra revs faster and smoother. I noticed a good difference.

To put it plainly, A friend of my brother in law's has used it religiously in his truck. A truck with over 280,000 miles mind you. He puts it in the fuel, the intake AND the oil. He had to have a new head gasket installed. The mechanic wondered why the gasket wasn't covered under warranty since the motor was obviously brand new on the inside. Note:he was looking at the ORIGINAL engine. I have done all three. It REALLY cleans all the crap out of your engine. I'll do it every once in a while in the oil. I put the suggested amount in, run to AutoZone and get a new oil filter and some oil(I little time for it to work through the motor) go home and change the oil. My oil will look normal before Seafome is put in and when I drain it it's ALOT darker. I spilled some on my wifes Passport(greasy engine)while putting some in her oil and all the muck, that you'd normally work long and hard at removing, just ran off!

The guys 280k mile truck is enough testimonial for me!

11-18-2005, 04:05 PM
I had a mechanic the other day tell me that it was crap. I have heard so much good about it, but now I wonder. He told me to try the Lucas Oil products.

11-20-2005, 07:54 PM
Just for reference, the 1991 LX 5.0 I tried the Seafoam on has 252,000 miles on the original engine. I failed to mention that in my previous post....

Lucas products, I have no first hand experience with.

11-21-2005, 12:06 PM
I have heard about this product before. Actually I found a reference to it when I was trying to find a means to clean out the carbon in the 01. It was recommended for BMW owners to use it since the motor was not designed for out low octane fuel. I followed the avionics method to remove carbon deposits ( isopropal alcohol mixed with water and used a spray bottle to inject it into the throttle body with the engine idling). I removed the spark plugs after letting the engine cool down and used a flash light to inspect the pistons. Somewhat cleaner and did not looked caked on anymore. I have use RXP gas kicker and Lucas oil injector cleaner which is added to the fuel. The RXP worked about the same as the Lucas injector cleaner but did not fully remove the carbon caked on top of the cylinders. The water/alcohol method seemed to work the best when sprayed in a fine mist into the intake. As for seafoam, I have heard about it but never used it. It sounds much cheaper than a motorvac which can run about $250.00+ . The only thing you have to worry about is what will happen to the cats (if you still have them on the car). The water and alcohol method should be followed with an oil change just in case it makes it into the pan (same goes for most TB cleaners since it will dilute the oil if it passes the rings or gets sucked into the block throught the PCV system. One of these days I will have to try the seafoam method. Where can you get the stuff?

11-21-2005, 04:16 PM
most auto parts stores carry it, OReilly's, Autozone, etc. I think I will try it on my 89 trashstang first