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11-18-2005, 03:03 AM



Well as you all know I just recently sold my 2000 gt stang. Two days later I stumbled on a for sale 1964 ford fairlane that’s in really good condition and cheap, too. I’m been looking for years for a nice 64’ to do a clone thunderbolt. I’ve always wanted to do a 1964 thunderbolt clone there so freaking cool and nostalgic... I have a completed rebuilt 429 cobra jet motor with a high rise intake sitting on two 4-barrel carburetors (its been sitting in a crate for 4 years).. I’ve just been waiting for that perfect car to fit it in. my engine was professionally rebuilt by a awesome machine shop and I blew a ton of money on that motor. Its so tough looking!!!

So what do you all think of that idea of a clone?????

This list of stuff that I need for the clone to work. So far this is what I’ve thought of.

A narrowed 9” ford rearend and custom drive shaft

Big block k-member

Top loader 4-speed tranny with manual clutch install kit

Bubble-top hood with latch pins

Fiberglass fenders

Fiberglass bumpers

Paint with custom painted thunderbolt logos

Fuel pump

I’ve got $10,000 bucks to spend with the $3,500 price of the fairlane included in that 10 g’s of budget. Do you think it can be done with my budget? Of course I’m doing all of my own work except paint and some body work. If I have to I’ll sell my 1988 t-top 5.0 to make my dream car come to life… I will do that. Besides it’ll free up some room in the garage.

Could you just imagine trailering a thunderbolt clone to the dragstrip with a 429 cobra jet sitting under the hood!!!!!!

My logo on the rear-fenders would say “Scoot’s Thunderbolt”…..HAHA…… MAYBE!!!!!

I’ll keep you all updated on my decision to do this. With project progress pictures.

11-18-2005, 09:17 AM
heres the expense list to make a thunderbolt conversion. I’ve been doing some research to stretch my money.

Shock Tower kit for extra clearance for big block engines
Battery box trunk mount as original in T-Bolt

Air intake tubes, replaces inner headlights
Air duct hose, from grill to air cleaner
Original Style T-Bolt Air Bonnet

4 spd. Crossmember
Fiberglass trans. tunnel shift 4 speed

Traction bars like on original T-Bolt
Rear spring shackle kit
T-Bolt tow bar front brackets
Fairlane Strut Rod Bushing kit

Fairlane gas tank sending unit 3/8 tube

Fairlane front disc brake conversion kit.

Fiberglass Teardrop hood
Hood prop rod and holder, like original T-Bolt
Hood pins w/ lanyards and mount brackets
Fiberglass front or rear bumper brackets
Fiberglass front bumper
Fiberglass front fenders
Fiberglass trunk lid
Fiberglass bumper original T-Bolt style
Fiberglass inner fender splash guard
Fiberglass spring shield

Bucket seats like original T-Bolt
Bucket seat adapter brkts.
Fairlane shift boot trim ring with console

Interior paint (light beige ) like T-Bolt
Large eagle door decal
Vehicle disclaimer tag like original T-Bolt
Radio & heater dash block off plates
Rear window retainer like on Tbolt

11-18-2005, 11:51 AM
That looks like you have done your homework, I would suggest going with a Mustang II front end and remove the shock towers they hardley were able to get the FE motor in them and the 385 is a bit wider, I put one in my 69 and I cut and notched the shock towers I can send a link of what I did, I know the Fairlanes of those years have even a smaller engine bays, I met a guy recently that has a 63 and has a stroked SBF to 427ci and he went to the MII front end because things were getting tight for him, there is a few companys out there that have the kits then you can also go to a manual R&P instead of a manual linkage factory set up. I say do it and with that budget you should have no problems since you have the motor, good luck and have fun.