View Full Version : Mods for Focus

11-26-2005, 03:57 PM
Okay, I realize that the 2L, 4cylinder Focus SVT is a small portion of any SVT car out there. I am however dedicated to learn all I can on how to modify this car and get some outstanding gains from it. I want to pull up to a WRX STI and blow it away. I want to make the best decisions possible as I start to modify this car. I know a S/C or Turbo would greatly get me there. However I want to build the base first to maximize this upgrade when it happens.

Fact the Saleen NO2 is a base Focus which started at 150hp and with the addition of a Predator tune and NO2 the Focus HP jumped to a little over 225 according to them. They did put a complete exhaust system on the car also.

So question where do I start? I have already put a K&N filter on the car. I can get a cold air pipe from Steeda and underdrive pulley's. The header put on the Focus SVT by SVT is the best out there. The only other thing is to put a Center pipe and cat back to maximize the potential already there. The best gain I am seeing in this is 5-6hp.:( With the pulley's and Cold Air Pipe I am unsure. Problem is no one has done an article on modifying the SVT Focus.

SO HELP!:cool: