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12-13-2005, 10:03 PM
hey guys im new to the site. You could say my car knowledge is not on most peoples level on this site but I have interest in making mods for my car. I have an 03 convertable. I only have suv flowmasters and k&n air charger. I have been tempted to change the throttle body, headers, chip, tuner, and pulley kit. Could anyone rank the things I should do first and recommend a brand maybe. Ive been just nervous to do anything major to it cause I dont want to void my warrenty. If anyone has any advise I would appreciate it.

Big T
12-13-2005, 10:50 PM
If you are worried about your warranty, I would change your mid pipe with high flow cats. I use the bbk x-pipe. I also have the flowmaster american thunder catback. You need the whole catback and not just the muffler swap for the power gains. Also, A handheld tuner is a great mod with huge gains. I was shocked at how much gains I got from mine. The x-calibrator by superchips is one of the new ones out. You can store several tunes on it for your mods. I have the older model tuner from superchips. It took about 15 min to do and I have limited car knowledge. The predator and hypertech are 2 other brands of tuners. It allows you to save your stock tune in case you have to go back to the dealer. They will never know it was in there. The dealer will recognize if you have a chip. I used Don at modular madness. Amazon racing is said to do a really good job also. Most places will do free tunes for mods that you do in the future as long as you bought the tuner from them. The x pipe will cost about $325 and the tuner will be b/w $350 and $400. If I had my choice I would do the tuner first for power although the x-pipe will make the exhaust quite louder. Stay away from headers unless you have alot of time or money to do them. It is very time consuming and you will spend alot of money if you have someone do it for you. Hope this helps some.

12-14-2005, 07:56 AM
I agree with Big T. Full catback will net you several ponies. Caution though; with a catback and K&N mine was running very lean. I would definately recommend the tuner and dyno time to check yout air/fuel ratio. After some reading, I chose the SCT Xcalibrater 2 for my tuning too. From what I read, SCT uses a version of Ford's software to tune the computer where as other like Predator hack the software. SCT gives you SO many more variables to control for precise tuning.

After that I would find out what kind of attitude your dealership has towards mods. I drive a little ways to one that has no problem with the mods. If yours is mod friendly, a pulley would def be my next step. How small depends on how much you want to push the blower. Seems like a LOT of people also go with the Heat Exchanger and H.E. tank upgrades with the increased boost to combat heat.

Somewhere you are most likely gonna want to upgrade the shifter too. The MGW unit seems to be the one of universal choice.

Then comes blower porting, MAF upgrades, throttle bodies....................the crack addiction of mods is a long long road. :D

Enjoy the ride :thumbsup:

12-14-2005, 10:14 PM
thanks guys for the suggestions, so what kind of HP are we talking with a tuner and or a chip. If I do go ahead with either 2 of those options is there anything i will have to change, meaning my exaust system? again thanks for your help. Im close to new england drag way in NH anyone else?

12-14-2005, 10:46 PM

Matt Daoust is our NH State Event coordinator. You can reach him at spittincobra2001@yahoo.com. There is a lot of activity in the New England area as they have a karting event coming up this month I believe? They do 3 autocrosses a year, two car shows, the World of Wheels, an annual cruise, and several get togethers. E-mail Matt for more information.


Big T
12-14-2005, 11:15 PM
There is nothing you would have to change for the tune. I would think some tunes would give up to about 50 hp without any other mods. The tunes are programmed according to your mods. You could get a high performance tune without any other mods. For example, if you had a new exhaust and throttle body, the person who does the tune will accomodate for that. I was initially given three tunes on my programmer to chose from (1) highway- for long trips. (2) high performance- for my exhaust, cold air intake, and throttle body and (3) 2.8 pulley tune for when I get my new supercharger pulley + other mods in (2). I can only use the tune for the 2.8 pulley now since I changed the pulley. If I do any other mods in the future, the person who did the tune can add changes onto the programmer.