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12-30-2005, 03:35 PM
We seem to have more and more members catching the TRACK habit. One of them recently contacted me about how to mount a 6-point harness in a Mustang. I run a 5-point with a seat that has the right openings but for stock seats 6-point is the way to go. Any way I got to thinking about the setup my wife has in her Corvette.

For attaching 6-point harnesses she uses the Brey Krause kit

And Harness Bar

The long bracket attaches to the inside mounting point and the smaller plate fits under the winding mechanism. This allows you to still use the stock belts for street driving and easily clip in your lapbelt and sub-straps when you get to the track. I do not have pictures of them installed but I will try to get some and post them. The attachment points are low right at the intersection of the seat back and bottom cushion. I must say that in the wife's car this is a very easy to use and convenient setup. I had them powder coated black to match the interior and you do not notice them unless the harnesses are connected.

The harness bar uses the upper sholder belt attachment points and gives you a good place for you shoulder belts if you don't have a rollbar.:(
So I have contacted BK to ask if they have thought about making them for Mustangs. They said they considered this but (now get this) from what they had seen at track events there just are not enough Mustangs used as track / race cars to make it worth while for them to develop a kit!! :confused:<O:p</O:p

Any way the fellow I spoke with said if there was enough interest from the Mustang community they would look at this. He said to have folks e-mail him and include what year Mustang they had so BK could evaluate what models they should focus on.<O:p</O:p

His email address is samc@bkauto.com<O:p</O:p<O:p</O:p

I think that this would be a great item for Mustang drivers who want to do a couple of track events now and them but want to keep their car stock :rolleyes: otherwise.