View Full Version : checking coilpacks and plugs

svt tam
01-05-2006, 08:08 PM
How do you change/check the plugs and coilpacks on a 99 cobra. I've never done this and wanted to know how to do this before I start messing anything up. My car has been running bad and sometimes can't rev past 3k RPMs and I want to check the plugs and coilpacks to see if they are ok. Thanks

01-06-2006, 07:25 AM
The plugs and coil packs sit uner the small cover in the center of the Valve cover. There is one coil pack per spark plug. Once you get the cover off, simply lift off the coil pack from the spark plug. To remove the spark plugs, it is best of the engine is a bit warm since the heads are aluminum. You will need a 12 inch or longer extension with a fixed spark plug socket on it (not the extention and a separate socket as the socket tends to come off the extention after you tighten the plug and remove the tool). A note about the coil pack and spark plug matching: I read somewhere that if the spark plug heat range is too cold the coil pack tends not to fire the plug properly. More than likely the problem is with the spark plugs than the coil packs. You will have to remove the intake pipe to get to the passenger side plugs. If a coil pack was failing, you would see the check engin light on, and a few P codes from a scan tool would indicate a miss-fire.