View Full Version : Speed Ventures Friday at Laguna Seca 1-20-2006!

01-11-2006, 01:07 PM

Instruction:+ $30 per day (required for novices)

Duration: 1 day / 2 - 4 hours of track time per group!**

Track: The full track at Laguna Seca (Monterrey, CA)

Registration is open: https://speedventures.com/event_forms.asp

Timing: There are currently transponders available for rental

Event Info:

Laguna Seca is a legendary 2.238 mile track in Central California, and one
of the two most in-demand tracks in the west. Come out with us and you'll
get the best track time per dollar value you'll see at Laguna. Test your
skills on the world-famous corkscrew and compare your times to those set by
the big names of ALMS, NASCAR, CART and the stars of yesteryear. Laguna Seca
is a challenging course best suited to intermediate and advanced drivers.

Note: Noise Restrictions at Laguna Seca: We are happy to say that this is a
92db day (rather than the usual 90db day)! Basically a guy sits off to the
right of the track and takes noise readings. If you go over the limit, you
will be black flagged and told to go into the pits and figure out a way to
quiet the car down. People with loud cars (RX-7's in particular) will need
to make adjustments for this event. The most effective and easiest
adjustment is simply lift off the throttle when you go by the sound station.
Another option is to add a turndown to the exhaust, which you can do with a
clamp-on. See this thread for more information:

There is no aftermarket rollbar requirement for this event.