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01-15-2006, 11:37 AM
Just out of bordome I decided to get vehicle specifications (motor performance and curb weights) from various companies just to see how their top shelf performance machine sizes up to the 03/04 Cobras in stock form. I know much of what is published it typically concervative so it may not indicate a win or loss by using the simple ET calculator (requires vehicle weights and horsepower). The following makes and models were compared:
Mazda maxspeed6, RX8; Nisson Z coupe, Honda S2000, Civic Si; Acura RL, RSX type S, NSX (big waste of $84k); Pontiac GTO, Solstice, Grandprix GXP; Chevey Corvette Z06, Corvette coupe, Cobalt SS, Monte Carlo SS, SSR; Porche Boxter S, Caymen S, 911 Carerra S (had the best weight advantage than the Carerra 4); I gave up on Audi (thier site is lame). I have yet to look at Dodge to complete the comparrison. Based on SAE net ratings and vehicle weight alone (excluding driver) the only competition for the Cobra is as follows:
Pontiac GTO 12.25s
Chevey Corvette Z06 10.7s
Chevey Corvette Coupe 11.62
Porsche Boxter S 12.79
Porsche Caymen S 12.55
Prosche 911 Carerra S 12.03

The 03/04 Cobra comes in at 12.28s when using the 390hp SAE number. Only the Porsche literature claimed SAE numbers. The others ???? It all boils down to how conservative the numbers are when compared to reality and how the power is transferred to the rear wheels. Of course this is just approximate an will not predict the outcome of a race since there are many factors not considered including final drive ratio, tires, and level of driver skills, etc.....

As I expected, all of the other vehicles did not come close to breaking the 13 second barrior.

01-15-2006, 12:04 PM
Porsche Boxter S 12.79

That one surprises me! :eek:

01-16-2006, 05:59 AM
Keep in mind, they are just raw estimates. The 2006 Porsche Boxter S puts out SAE 280HP @ 6200RPM with torque 236 @ 4700RPM. Vehicle weight comes in at 2,965lbs. This was almost the lightes vehicle I looked at (with the exception of the two Honda's, Acura RSX-S and the Pontiac Solsitce. Just add driver weight and the numbers will be much different. With a price tage of $64k it should do better than that but then again the Acura NSX priced at $84k would at best push 13.0 seconds in the quarter. It would be better to have actual test results like found in the Road & Track, but I do not believe their data all that much since they claim much lower numbers on the Cobra than is reality.