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01-16-2006, 07:04 PM

It seems to be leaking at the yoke and running down the housing to the bottom of the differential, projecting the appearance of the differential leaking. I am fixing to put some serious power to the car. Is this an easy fix, if it is the seal for the yoke. Or should I just leave it as is, and wait until I change the entire rear. It does not leak all the time. I wathced it for over a week. It leaks about 3 times a week, and when it does,m it leaves a pool about the size of a quarter or silver dollar. Any input would be greatly appreciated. I guess I just don't want to have to put a ton of money and time into the car, when at the end of Feb. the car shold be off the road for a few months getting all its mods done.



01-16-2006, 10:44 PM
I had my 97 do the same thing and we sleeved the yoke but this is only a temp. fix as it will leak again, Mine started leaking again at about a year and a half.

01-17-2006, 06:26 AM
thanks for the info. that is what i needed to know.

01-25-2006, 08:41 PM
Mine leaked bad after changing out gears to 4.10's. I think the guy who did the job did not replace the seal during the swap.

I replaced the seal myself. At some 25K+ miles since I haven't seen a drop of rear oil anywhere. To press it in place I made a ring (just the right OD to bear on the flange of the seal) of #12 solid copper wire, taped the wire to the front of the seal flange, slipped the seal onto the yoke and installed it on the pinion shaft. I tightened the nut until the seal was seated. Then backed off the nut, pulled the wire out, and retorqued the nut. I have no idea what torque I applied lying under the car in the driveway, just all that I could. All has been well for 25K+ miles.