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02-08-2006, 05:07 PM
Sylvia just emailed me, so I figured I'd pass it on:

February 7, 2006

Hi Folks,

We have had so many people call asking for run time that we have purchased time during the weekend end of February 25 & 26 weekend with Vintage DCA. At this time we will be running the Solo group only. The cost will be $300 for the two days. If youíre interested, please contact me at mail@turnonetrackevents.com. You can go to the website and use one of the Track Day forms. Just write at the top FEBRUARY 25-26 and send with a check for $300- credit cards also accepted. Also, there seems to be confusion as to the first event date of the season so I have included a schedule. Please share this with your friends. The first event will be March 10. The new website is up and running. Please visit it at www.turnonetrackevents.com . Finally, an email went to Turn One-Full-Lock instructors. If you instruct for us but didnít get a letter about the 2006 season, please email me. People have changed email addresses and I might not have their new address. If you have a friend who instructs for T1/F-L, ask them if they got a letter. If they didnít please have them contact me.