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02-13-2006, 08:44 PM
Just thought I'd drop a note on my experience with DSS Racing in St Charles, IL.

I had to buy a new balancer for my 94 Cobra and spent the extra bucks to have a quality balancer so I purchased a Romac SFI 50 oz balancer.

I contacted DSS on February 8, 2006 and was invoiced that day. I told the salesman that I needed the part desperately because my car has been down for a week and it was scheduled to be dynoed this past weekend. I knew it would take two days for UPS to deliver the part as I did the research on Wednesday night.

I was then told by the salesman they could not guarantee two day delivery because it was going ground, but if I wanted to guarantee Friday delivery they could get it out two day air and guarantee delivery. Here's is where my problem is with their customer service. They were willing to take an extra $35.00 for two day delivery that cost them $23.40 for a total of $11.60 in shipping profit for them. But they refused to send it ground that day which would have netted them $11.92 in shipping profit because it wasn't sent blue label service.

If someone here could please explain to me why you have time to package a product and ship it blue label but you don't have time to package it up and send it ground?

I'll answer that for you....POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE!

Not only was this balancer over priced by $50.00 compared to Dayton50Perf, but they added the extra shipping cost. (I know, they'll say it's handling charge..don't they always say that?) The only reason I didn't go with Dayton is because they didn't have it in stock and said it would be a few weeks before they could get one and I wanted the car ready for CMP.

DSS Racing not only lost a good customer, but they also lost the opportunity to sell me $1300.00 worth of other parts I had planned to order.

WTG DSS! :mad:

02-13-2006, 09:10 PM
sounds like the have a chip on there shoulder and that their the only one's with the parts...Thank for the warning I'll tell everyone that say's anything dss..:mad: