View Full Version : 2003 DSG Cobra with 2.4 KB & 660rwhp for sale!

03-06-2006, 01:52 PM
Well since I have bought back my old fox body I am selling my 2003 DSG Cobra to buy something a little more "family friendly." The car has right around 11,500 miles on it and I can get the build date and number for it off the certificate when I get home. No tick... no vibe... Here are the specifics:

Under the Hood:
- Polished 2.4 Kenne Bell
- Stage 3 Crower Cams (installed by JDM)
- SCT 4-way flip chip with 8-position selector in car.
- Acufab Throttle body
- SCT 2400 MAF
- METCO 100mm idler
- 3.25 Upper Pulley
- Stock Lower
- Cold air intake

- SLP Longtubes
- SLP Catted X-pipe and interchangable offroad flow tubes. (wideband bung welded in already)
- Magnaflow MagnaPack GT Catback

Fuel System:
- 60 lb injectors
- KB Boost-a-pump
- Focus pumps with JDM installed wiring upgrade.

Drivetrain & Suspension:
- super smooth stock tranny
- STOCK clutch! So you know this thing hasn't been abused!
- Pro-5.0 shifter with MGW handle
- Maximum Motorsports Full Length Subframes
- QA1 rear shocks
- Built 2003 GT Live axle with the following:
- 3.73 gears
- 31 Spline Moser axles
- TA Diff cover
- Welded Axle tubes
- rear GT brakes with slotted and drilled rotors
- Eaton Pro Series Posi with Kevlar clutches.
- HPM Upper control arms
- HPM Megabite JR Lower control arms
- Bullitt rear springs

Interior and Exterior:
- perfect interior
- Satin Wheels with good stock tires
- SLP Linelock
- Switches to turn on IC Pump and Fans
- Raptor Shift Light
- MGW Cobra knob
- Speed of Sound 2 Pillar pod
- Autometer Lunar Electric Fuel Pressure
- Autometer Lunar Boost
- Kenny Brown Seat rail Extenders
- Stainless Steel Cobra inserts

NEW PARTS that come with car but not installed:
- DFX Clutch and Pressure plate
- Centerforce Throwout bearing
- Fidanza Flywheel
- Liberty 26 spline input shaft
- Fiore Clutch quadrant kit
- LDC Cooling mod
- LDC Clutch Freeplay mod
- CobraBob shifter gaskets
- LFP Radiator
- LFP Intercooler Reservior
- LFP Heat Exchanger
- Kenne Bell Boost-a-spark
- Steeda front Drag Springs

I'm sure I'm missing some things but thats about it... I bought the car in June from a SVTP board member from New Jersey who babied the car, as evident by the fact that it still has the original clutch and tires and makes all this power! The car made 660rwhp on the JDM dyno at 17-18lbs of boost after the cams were installed. I have the dyno charts to prove this.

The car has NEVER seen a sticky tire... and has been driven only about 1200 miles since I got it.

I am looking for SERIOUS cash offers at this time or trade offers involving a loaded 2005 or 2006 Tahoe or Yukon.

No lowballers please! I can pics of anything you wish! I am asking for $35k with all of the extra parts included, but we can discuss the price... The car is in far West Texas in Midland. If you want to discuss this further please e-mail me at chays1@juno.com because I am not on this site every day. Thanks!