View Full Version : SVT Cobra T-shirts and Prints.

03-12-2006, 12:54 PM
Though my association with Ford SVT and SVTOA, I supplied owners with limited edition prints and T-shirts of our favorite vehicles. Some of you may have purchased an item from me or off the SVT merchandise trailer at various Ford events. With the demise of SVT, the trailer is parked, and I have secured my inventory from Dearborn & now offering it directly to the owners at www.bobtarpeystudio.com (http://www.bobtarpeystudio.com). I'm still at it..finishing the 1993 Cobra, the '99-01 Cobras, and doing that first truck..(oh, yeah....Cobra club...disreguard!) See if I have something you'd like...Hey! I did it for YOU! Bob