View Full Version : Eibach spring question

03-13-2006, 05:06 AM
Just finished fitting my stock wheels on my cobra getting it ready for a drag meet in a couple of weeks, When i noticed the tag on the rear shock read Eibach Srings "prototype part"follwed by a code number. The spring and shocks were already fitted to the car before it came to Australia. I this something that is commonly found on Eibach stuff? There a a lot of thing that are odd about this car. I will let you guys know how the drags go. Got a problem clutch/gearbox at the moment hopefully it will hold up until after the drags. If I have been queing up for a car show for quite some time and have been on and of the clutch alot by the time I get to my parking spot it will not select reverse at all, it dosent grind it just will not select. it does go into all other gears though.