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03-18-2006, 01:24 PM
hi all, I m buying a 1999 Cobra with around 90k on it. I just wanted to ask, what should I look for when I m buying it?? Besides the general concept of buying used cars "tires, brakes, electrics, burning oil"

I need to know, what specifically should I pay attention to for these cars??

I know these cars are fast because I have rode in my friends 01 cobra but I know fast cars have a lot of mait issues... any help would be much appreciated. thank you.

03-20-2006, 04:58 PM
I would check to see if the low power issue has been addressed which it should have by now. The 99's had several TSBs/Recalls on it for rear knuckle replacement, vibration in the driveline, shifter boot I believe?

Other than that, if the car has been well taken care of, you shouldn't have too many problems. I wish I would have kept my 99 now! :(

03-20-2006, 05:43 PM
Yes, as Tony said, definitely check to see if it has had the fix. There should be some documentation of this. I would also be aware of the small differences between the 99 and others so that you are not surprised down the road. The throttle body is different, and very few aftermarket parts. I would also listen for the rear end making funny noises. The few I am aware of all seemed to have some of the same problems: the rear end pinion seal is prone to leaking, which could lead to pinion gear problems, so check to see if it has been leaking recently (you will have to either reach in or crawl around to see it, they don't leak much so you really have to look); the u joint bolts also seem to work their way loose (which causes a clunking sound at low speeds and when engaging the clutch, and one thing to be aware of is that at around 75 to 85 miles an hour they seem to make a humming sound from the rear end (funny as it may sound, this is normal and has to do with the balance between the drive shaft, rear gears and half shafts (with the exception of changing the above, not much to do to fix it). I will say this, I love my 99. And odd as it may sound, they seem to like to be driven like they were stolen. In other words, they don't really like to be pampered and babied (they like to be beat on every once in a while), at least mine seems to have less problems that way. As I said, I love my Cobra. With just a few mods there won't be many who can touch you. And they handle great with just a few mods. Don't get me wrong, they are fast and handle great stock, but if you want more they will give you more quickly. Honestly, besides watching the rear and your standard maintenance, I have had no major problems with the car. Good luck, and maybe we will see yhou in it on the road someday, hopefully by then mine will be twin turboed (SOON) and then I can let you know how that goes.

Black Snake 99
03-24-2006, 07:17 PM
Congrats on your soon to be purchase. I have a '99 coupe with about 60k on it and its been great fun to drive. It is true that these cars beg to be rode hard so be ready for an adventure.

Some (many) of the '99s came off the assembly line with a low power problem that Ford fixed. The famous August 1999 recall letter tells owners that they need to take the car in to get it fixed. You can call 1-800-FORDSVT and they can tell you if the power fix has been done on your car. All you need is the VIN. They can also tell you about the other two recalls and whether or not they have been taken care of as well. If you get the car the same folks at FORDSVT can send you an SVT Certificate authenticating your vehicle and telling you which one you have in terms it production number. And its FREE:bounce:

If you buy the car I recommend that you go online and pick up an SVT Mustang Cobra Recognition Guide. It will detail the specs on a wide range of cobras and really tell you a lot about your car and the subtle differences between it and other cobras. For example, your '99 will have "MUSTANG" embossed on the rear bumber but the '00s and up have "COBRA" on their bumbers. There are lots of little changes between model years that make each production line unique, which is why these cars are so neat to own. Not to mention the gigantic aftermarket available for performance and appearance improvements.

Let us all know what you think of your new ride when you get it.