View Full Version : Gas pedal slack mod!!

03-28-2006, 07:46 PM
Well, while at the drag strip Saturday, I noticed while power braking it in the water box that it was a little difficult to swap from the clutch pedal to the brake since all 3 pedals are at 3 different hieghts. So I did the gas pedal mod today that cost about $5 unless you have the things around the house to use, and it made a world of difference.
http://www.mustangworld.com/ourpics/fcar/99pedals.htm (http://www.mustangworld.com/ourpics/fcar/99pedals.htm)
This is the link which tells you step by step for those that are interested in doing it. Also helps with WOT too, and no chance of getting stuck under the carpet after this mod.

For the adjusting the clutch pedal hieght I ordered the kit from Maximum Motorsports so that I can adjust the pedal lower to be the same hieght as the brake pedal. Which only cost $20
http://www.maximummotorsports.com/CL-7.asp (http://www.maximummotorsports.com/CL-7.asp)

So after doing these two mods all 3 pedals will be the same hieght and will allow me to switch from pedal to pedal easier and also will allow for heel to toe driving for those of you that autocross.

Just thought I'd share. http://www.carolinarides.com/forum/images/smilies/smile.gif