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04-01-2006, 01:39 AM
Got my new wheels with tires today and could not wait to get them on the car when I got home from work. Took a short drive out on the highway and then off to take some back roads over to a friends house, and then finally stopped at my parents home for some left over pizza. Took it easy for most if not all of the entire ride to get used to the different wheel tire combination. On my way home I usually go through a small town known as Emmaus (place where I grew up). Actually I was going much slower than usual. Never had any issues before until this evening. Here is where it all begins:

Had to stop for a stoplight abruptly since the light turned from green to yellow and quickly to red (that was not normal). Light turns green so I headed gradually to the speed limit. I was looking at the ford dealer lot like I normally do when I pass by it and not really paying much attention to the traffic since there was none except for a silver dodge thing which looked like the right front wheel was going to fall off so I slowed down to about 35mph to let this catastrophe pass by. Well low and behold, there was an Emmaus Police officer just waiting for some action. I guess he needed to create something. At first I thought he was going to nab the other car which seemed to accelerate. Oh joy what does the cop do, gets behind me. He stayed on my tail all the way to the next traffic light. When the light turned green his lights came on. What the ****? He pulled me over.
(Officer) "So I guess you are wondering why I pulled you over?" said the officer. My reply was a bit bitter towards him in response for his cocky attitude. It was almost as if this guy got the "Big deal of the day". (Officer) "WHY DID YOU STOP IN THE MIDDLE OF LEHIGH STREET?" he proclaimed.(changing speed from 40 to 35 is not stopping). (me)"The light was red back there why should I not have stopped? (officer getting angry) "YOU WERE STAGING UP ALONG SIDE OF THAT CAR TO DRAG RACE". (me) "Say what?, I never came to a stop in the middle of the street" (at this point I was yelling back at him). Total bull ! When he came back with my license and registration, etc. He told me his is not going to charge me with anything, but give me a warning. "Just for the record officer, I do drag race but only at Island Dragway. My record is clean and will remain that way. Hell, I thought you were pulling me over because of my exhaust."
Must be boring being a cop at times. :scratch: :thumbdwn: :dizzy: :nope: :barf: :321:

I have nothing against law enforcement. But I do when they enforce it improperly. That bastard must have been high or something, he sure acted like it. Especially if he though I was going to attempt to race a Dodge intrepid. He may have a case afterall since I was slowing down to 35 to provide a handycap to the 80+ year old drver in the dodge. A big thumbs up to the winner of the evening :thumbsup:

04-01-2006, 02:51 AM
I know sometimes they just find a excuse to pull you over to check out others things.

04-01-2006, 03:15 AM
Anything is possible. The have followed me on several occasions before but have not pulled me over. Hopefully this will not be a recurring problem since I go through that town on a daily basis.

04-01-2006, 10:07 AM
I work for the Sheriffs Dept here Knoxville, Please you guys dont let the bad apples sour you against all officers. You always have the Barny Fifes (God rest his soul) and the ones who abuse the power. When some put the uniform on it goes to there head and they have to express them selves through cockyness because some of these guys were picked on in highschool so they have the mentality of pay back time. Trust me, There are a lot of good ol boys and girls who work for the departments that dont ever get any recognition because there not the ones doing stupid things like this one that pulled you over. He must have been a previous mullet wearing Iroc Z driver from the 80's.:D I do agree with you a 100%. When I was in my teens growing up, I usually got in races with some of the guys and gals here. I was driving a 89 GT and they were in a county cruiser. We would run about a quarter mile when it was late and there was no traffic out. And those people still work at the department today. The ones that are cocky usually never last long. They end up doing something that gets them fired or put behind a desk.:D :cool:

04-01-2006, 10:40 AM
I have a major problem with authority, however I have found that if you treat the police with respect and stay calm they're pretty easy to get along with.

04-01-2006, 11:39 AM
I will not let this occasion change my opinion on law enforcement just as long as it does not turn into harrasment and occur every time I pass through that town.

04-13-2006, 07:40 AM
Maybe he just wanted to meet you. Now that he has, he hopfully will leave you alone.

04-14-2006, 06:09 AM
I can laugh about it now. He should have asked me to pop the hood :thumbsup:. Too bad I did not have my photo album in the car with all the time slips from the drag strip to back my claim.

04-14-2006, 11:35 AM
I got stopped one time at around 2:30am...I was on my way home from work after an 18 hour day.

He came flying up the interstate and I saw him in my rearview, thought it was some import punk or something wanting to do a flyby, but he whips in behind me. So I take my exit (still 40 minutes from home) and he is still all over me. About a mile down, he throws on his lights. I pull over roll my window down and put my hands out on the window so he doesn't shoot me.

He asked how I was doing, I said tired. He asked me where I had been and I said at work for the last 18 hours. He then told me that I was "hauling ass down I-77 coming into Statesville city limits."

Of course, I was thinking, this is JUST what I need, I already hated my job, now I'm going to jail....

He told me that I was the only white mustang on I-77 and wanted to know how I could explain that. So I offered to take him back to my office IN town...at that point, I think he started to believe me, took my license and went to his car....

I was so tired I didn't care at this point, but if he wrote me up, I was quitting my job :D

He came back and was asking me all about my car, said he thought I was going to run when he saw the rollbar..yada yada...he said he was sorry, but he had to follow procedure (I think he saw how tired I was) He then said he would follow me to the county line and to be careful.

Nice guy, he should have given me that ticket though....I could have done without the next two weeks in that job!