View Full Version : Ever smell the burn on a new clutch?

04-14-2006, 06:33 AM
Right now I am breaking in a new clutch assembly. So far 325 easy miles on it (no engine brake or downshifting, no high revs or boost, and not much slip of the disk when pulling out, just taking it easy). The clutch cable adjustment is set for the last 1/4 of travel on the pedal releases the clutch. Every now and then I would smell the odor of a burning clutch disk (usually when I come to a stop and get out of the car). Is this typical, or is something wrong? New Flywheel and pressure plate were also installed along with new TOB and retainer sleeve on the transmission. I have looked for leaks and could not find any but will look again this weekend. The oil level has not changed in the engine either incase there was a rear seal leak and the oil pressure stays consistent (no spikes on the guage which would indicate rear seal leak).

Any suggestions? Other than the occasional burning smell everything else is perfect (no chatter, noise or vibration). At first it was too easy to engage the clutch pedal but has increased a bit in pedal effort.

04-14-2006, 06:50 AM
I wouldn't worry about the smell right now. Do you notice any signs of it slipping?? Probably not due to your conservative driving, but I figured I'd ask. With over 300 miles on it, I'd take it out, get going 30mph or so, put it in 3rd and lay into for a second. See if it holds or not. What kind of clutch do you have??

04-14-2006, 08:23 AM
I'd agree, 300+ miles is enough to at least have one go at it to see if she holds...the smell should go away, if it doesnt, then you may want to take a closer look :thumbsup:

04-15-2006, 09:21 AM
My thoughts exactly. So on my way to work Friday morning I drove it like I normally do :eek: (so this is what I have been missing) and had no issues what so ever with slipping or that burning smell. Once I got there I did not notice any odors. Perhaps what I have noticed previously was the front brakes getting hot (not using the transmission to slow down). Since I have new wheels which are painted along with new tires it may just be that as well. Too many variables involved that may cause that odor to simply assume it is the clutch ( it smells too much like the clutch burning to think it may be something else). May be from the grease or lubricant used on the guide tube assembly burning off or heating up. The odor is not very strong but at times I can smell it in the car when the windows are down. My concerns though were due to the low clutch pressure feel on the clutch pedal which made me think that the pressure plate may be weak. I am going to check the part numbes on the clutch and pressure plate to see if they are remanufactured since they have an RM at the end of the part number.

I had the car in for service at the local Ford dealer and all I could get them to install was the factory equipment since the labor was covered under the TSB on the guide tube and warranty on the TOB.

Also before driving the car I loosened up the clutch cable even more just in case there may have been some preload on the TOB. Since the cable has been stretched so far I had to use the last hook on the shift quadrant. I do have a new cable waiting for the install but right now the clutch adjustment is where it should be and will wait until the next oil change to replace it.

I have overlooked something. Since I have not crawled under the car completely for the after service inspection, there may be some transmission fluid or something else pooled in the frame rails. They did replace the front of the transmission casing and I am not sure if the transmission was removed to do it. It may also be a loose exhaust connection as well.

04-15-2006, 09:50 AM
Part numbers for the clutch and pressure plate

clutch disk: 3R3V-7550-AARM cost $204.58
pressure plt: 2R3V-7563-AARM cost $172.44

Turns out that both parts are remanufactured parts. At least the flywheel was not.

There is one reason why I did not bother with an extended warranty. They use remanufactured parts. In my opinion, they do not last as long as new parts. :(

I may just get 16k miles out of it before they need replacement. Looks like I will get SPEC or RAM on the next time and do the work myself.