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04-15-2006, 10:34 PM
just read about this in my new hot rod mag and went and downloaded one, its pretty cool I think. here is the write up from Hot Rod.

"The Manliest Ringtone of Them All

The problem with downloading pop songs as ringtones is that not only are they extremely annoying, but they also announce to the world that youre extremely lame. the good news for gearheads is that Fords solution is so cool, even Chevy and Mopar guys will be clamoring over it. By logging onto www.fordvehicles.com you download a ringtone of a Mustang GT ripping through the gears. Sounds like marketing gone right."

then it has a pic of a phone with the caption

"With an exhuast snarl that makes and LS1 sound like a castrated choirboy, the Mustang's burble will delight rather than anger others in the movie theater."

I went ahead and cut the page out for anyone who wants to hear them.