View Full Version : Hate to...but 1999 Cobra F/S

04-28-2006, 10:41 AM
Hey everyone. I just bought a dirtbike so the Cobra needs to go. Don't wanna do it, but I need to.

It's white with tan interior. It has 40k miles on the clock and it is immaculate. I'm taking offers. No low ballers please. I'd like to get as close to book as possible...this car is CLEANER than clean. I have pics for those serious about it.

I have minimal mods. Depends on what you consider a mod. All I've done is paint the calipers red, 1" H&R wheel spacers, billet fuel door, 03 Cobra shift knob, K&N FIPK II, white AC faceplate and billet AC knobs. I also moved the spoiler back 3".

I'll also accept a trade of equal book value....my keys for your keys. I'm looking for a truck...preferrably a 6 or 4 cyl. I don't care what truck, what brand, 2 or 4 wheel drive, hitch , no hitch. I just want a truck of equal book to swap somone for. You can e-mail me at mattymc-g@mindless.com. I look forward to hearing from ya's!
thanks for reading