View Full Version : Rummer, Ford talking about leaving NASCAR

04-29-2006, 07:56 PM
Heard today on my local news, although they didn't say Ford they did interview Dale Jarret and you could tell by his tone they were talking about Ford talking about leaving NASCAR.

Guess the great grand daughter of the founder of Ford that killed SVT next step is to kill Ford's participation in NASCAR. :(

04-30-2006, 01:09 AM
Why not, they already pulled out of F1 last year.

Hey, I've got a great idea - lets kill off our flagship performance moniker and pull out of racing too. That will help our bottom line.

04-30-2006, 10:42 AM
Seems like I heard this story before, perhaps on speed channel on the history of muscle cars. Looks like a rewind to me.

04-30-2006, 03:44 PM
What's a rummer?:scratch:

04-30-2006, 05:37 PM
As popular as NASCAR is the original intent was race on Sunday...... BUY on Monday!!!

That has not been happening near as much as it used to...

You think it might be because you can't buy a V8 rear drive Taurus or Fusion??? :rolleyes: Let alone something even approaching 800 horespower :doubt:

The race cars are nothing like the street cars. Even the body work is different. The race fans do buy sponors products in a very loyal fashion... But not the car sponsors..

Official Sponsors

Allstate (Official Insurance Company)
AMD (Official Technology Partner/Official Microprocessor of NASCAR/ The Official Semiconductor Technology of NASCAR)
America Online (Official Partner)
Aplus (Official Pit Stop)
Best Western (Official Hotel of NASCAR)
Budweiser (Official Beer)
Busch Beer (Official Series Sponsor)
Centrix Financial (Official Auto Finance Company)
Callaway Golf
Checker's/Rally's (Official Burger/Drive-Thru)
Chevrolet (Monte Carlo) (Official Pace Car)Not selling well
Coca Cola (Official Soft Drink)
Combos (Official Snack of NASCAR)
Craftsman Tools (Official Tools/NCTS Entitlement Sponsor)
Dasani (Official Water)
Daytona USA (Official Attraction)
Diageo (Official Wine)
DirecTV (Official Partner of NASCAR)
Dodge Charger (Official Passenger Car)Dodge isn't doing too bad
Domino’s Pizza (Official Pizza Delivery)
DuPont Automotive (Official Finish)
Duracell (Official Alkaline Battery)
Eastman Kodak (Official Imaging Partner)
Enterprise Rent-A-Car (Offical Rent-A-Car of NASCAR)
EXIDE (Official Battery)
Exxon/Mobil (Official Motor Oil/Lubricants)
Featherlite - Vantare (Official Trailers & Luxury Coaches)
Ford Trucks (Official Truck of NASCAR)Selling well but is it because of NASCAR??
New Century/Home 123 (Official Mortgage Company)
POWERADE (Official Sports Beverage)
Gillette (Official Shaving Products)
Goody's (Official Pain Reliever)
Goodyear (Official Tire Supplier)
The Home Depot (Official Home Improvement Warehouse)
Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies (Official Partner)
Kellogg's (Official Cereals)
Levi Strauss Signature (Official Partner)
Minute Maid (Official Juice)
M&M'S (Official Chocolate of NASCAR)
Nextel (Official Sponsor/NNCS Entitlement Sponsor)
Office Depot (Official Office Supply/Products Provider)
Old Spice (Official Antiperspirant & Deodorant)
Oral B (Official Oral Care Products)
Pedigree (Official Pet Care Product of NASCAR)
Raybestos (Official Brakes)
Sony (Official Consumer electronics Partner of NASCAR)
Sunoco (Official Fuel)
SunTrust (Official Bank)
Tissot (Official timekeeper and watch of NASCAR)
Toyota (Official Partner/Manufacturer)HELLO!!! NEWS FLASH!!! ULTRA DEEP CORPORATE POCKETS HERE!!!
UPS (Official Delivery Service)
Visa (Official Card)
XM Satellite Radio (Exclusive Satellite Radio Service)

Promotional Partners

The Compass Group (The Vending Company of NASCAR)
Country Crock
DuPont Tyvek
Gulfstream (NASCAR Prefers Gulfstream)
Jackson Hewitt (Tax Service Company of NASCAR)
Maxwell House (Preferred Coffee of NASCAR)
Wishbone (Unilever)
Waste Management

Automotive Aftermarket Companies

3M Automotive Aftermarket Division
Aero Exhaust
Affinia Group
Bayco Products
BWD Automotive
Clevite Engine Parts
Dynojet Research
Exide Technologies
ExxonMobil Lubricants
Federal Mogul Corporation
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.
Goodyear Belts & Hoses
Autolite (A Honeywell Car Care Product)
Lincoln Electric
Mechanix Wear
Midtronics, Inc.
Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc.
Sellars Wipers & Sorbents
Stant, Inc.
Uniden America Corporation
Universal Technical Institute, Inc.
Victory Wheels
Visteon Corporation
Wedco - The Plastics Group

Entitlement Sponsor

AutoZone (Official Series Sponsor, Elite Division)
Busch (NBS and Busch North Series)
Whelen (Whelen Modified/Whelen Southern Modified Tour)

I'd like to see some involvement from FORD in a race series that runs cars you can BUY!!!
Mustangs!!!(Grand Am, ALMS, Lemans...whatever)
Ford GT!!!(Grand Am, ALMS, Lemans....whatever)
Fusion(how about a 3.5 V6 Sports version??)

04-30-2006, 06:31 PM
Well there is some Stock car racing out there these days only it's not called NASCAR. It's a bi†ch to find on TV tho, it's the Speed GT Series. Sometimes you can find some televised races over on the Speed Network. Last race I caught I saw a Cadilac out street race a Viper for the win, ;) and the driver of the Cadi was an ex NASCAR driver.

05-01-2006, 09:52 AM
Back in the day it was the weekend warrior that started it all. They where unsponsored working out of the garage at the house, used a swing set A-frame to pull the motor and rebuilt it on the living room floor. It was all good because we had fun doing it and that’s all that mattered. After the dust settles the last to survive will be the weekend warrior to keep the racing alive. :cool: