View Full Version : 03 cobra 4 sale

05-22-2006, 05:02 PM
I hate to do it but I have to sell my car. Need to buy a town house and need the money. Its and 03 red convertable with black top. 25,220 exact milage, fully maintenanced, garaged and synthtic oil. 6lb LFP lower alternator pulley, sct tune (pro dyno) 2.5 gallon (pro dyno) intercooler box, magnaflow catback system, mgw short shifter, and cobra shift knob, chrome supercharger snake grill. Mods and exaust all no more than 2 months old tires are 8 months old. Runs great in tramendous condition. 478 rwhp, 513 wrtq. 26,500 firm. PM with some info. Car is in Massachusetts will meet half way for serious buyers. spent well over 4,000 in hp upgrades, THIS CAR IS THE MOST FUN IVE EVER HAD. you wont be disappointed. call 978 836 6409 ask for joe

05-23-2006, 01:52 PM
THIS CAR IS THE MOST FUN IVE EVER HAD. you wont be disappointed.No, but you will. :( I sold mine for the same reason a few weeks ago, and although I know its for the better good, it still kills me. Miss it EVERY day.

Maybe I was too attached :doubt: Nah!

Good luck on the sale :thumbsup: