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05-24-2006, 02:23 PM
Within the last few weeks I have acquired a tow rig and car trailer to haul my Impala SS around to events. Consequently, I now have no need for the custom tool and tire trailer that I put together only one year ago. Many of you have seen this at the SCMC 411 Speedway autocross events. Here are the details:

1) The trailer: I purchased a 40" X 50" , 1400 lb. capacity utility trailer from harbor freight one year ago at a cost of $250 plus shipping. Here is the base trailer:

I also purchased a spare tire from Harbor freight and a mounting kit with lock from Northern equipment for a total of about $65 more.

I purchased a weatherproof, lockable, diamond plate aluminum toolbox 48"x20"X18" from TSC for $200.00 plus tax and mounted it to the trailer. This provides plenty of dry, secure storage for a floorjack, tools, an air tank, and other various racing supplies.

I purchased various hardware and straps at a cost of over $80 to rig up an apparatus to securely carry 4 wheels and racing tires on the trailer. I carry four 275/40-17 tires on 17'X8.5" wheels on this rig with ease.

Here are a few pictures of the trailer in use:



Note that these photos do not show the mounted spare tire, but it is on the trailer tongue. Total investment in this rig is right at $600, plus about 8 hours in labor for assembly and modification. It is fully street legal with safety chains, proper lighting and 4-pin wiring harness. I have a TN title for the trailer, so getting a license plate to pull this out of state is no problem. TN plates cost $14.50 per year. The trailer pulls great. I've had it at highway speeds in excess of 80 mph for extended runs. I pulled it all the way to Pocono, PA for the Impala SS National event last summer.

With the heavy duty axle and 12" wheels, the trailer is very solid and really "overkill" for this application. It should last forever. I pulled a complete 5.7L LT1 Chevrolet engine through the Smoky Mountains back from Commerce, GA last November with no problems at all. It has been garage kept since new and is in "as new" condition. You will need a 1-7/8" ball for this trailer.

Price is $375 and the trailer is in Knoxville, TN. Please let me know if there is any interest.

05-25-2006, 10:10 AM
Sale Pending