View Full Version : first 10 for this Kenne Bell 03

06-02-2006, 09:10 PM
We got Dave's (Juiced46) first 10 sec pass on film. Boy those big displacement blowers have a snarl! I think this video turned out good, many camera's were used including in-car. :fordflag:

http://04snake.com/movies/2006-juiced46-001.wmv (http://04snake.com/movies/2006-juiced46-001.wmv)

It can be found on 04snake.com's movie page along with 450 or so other movies! 04snake.com/movies.htm (http://04snake.com/movies.htm)

in the SPP original video section: 04snake.com/movies.htm#MyOrig (http://04snake.com/movies.htm#MyOrig)

Congrats to Dave :cheers:
and I'll have the movie of his second 10 sec pass finished soon. Be sure to throw your 2-cents in, good or bad.