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06-10-2006, 06:12 PM
Last weekend while my wife was driving the Cobra (feel free to start a new thread discussing the merits of that action!), she described to me the engine suddenly seemed to run very poorly. Well, I removed the driver's side spark plugs and posted in another thread how black they were and received some great suggestions on what to do next...so I am finally doing that now.

BTW, here's the video I took of the car before I began ripping into it:

My first assumption was the Vortech blew a seal since I found oil in the discharge piping and in the throttle body. So I first removed the remaining spark plugs and here's what they look like:

I then removed the air inlet ducting to the supercharger. There is oil in there as well!

In fact, the oil goes as far back as the dryer hose tubing to the K&N air filter, although I have not removed those as of yet. Upon closer inspection, I can see oil on both the supercharger's inlet and outlet:

I then checked the IAC - oil. Then the PCV - oil. Then the crankcase ventilation tube on the passenger side - oil.

Is it possible the oil is getting into the air INLET side of the supercharger? The various tubing to the large, plastic inlet tube had little evidence of oil.

What do you suppose is my next step? I hate to remove the vortech and send it back for inspection and find out it's alright...

Thanks for looking and thanks in advance for any help!

06-11-2006, 11:48 AM
:eek: First off, oil in the intake tract may indicate an issue. However, where does the breather hose that connects to the passenger side valve cover connect to the intake? If it connects to the low pressure side, namely the pipe that connects to the air inlet filter, it is possible that the vortec is pulling in oil from the breather hose (this is an issue with the 03/04 Cobras too, and just about any vehicle that has a similar PCV system). Since there is only one check valve on the PCV system (PCV valve) it is possible that under boost, the breather line flow reverses and any oil vaper or droplets will be drawn out of the valve cover. Under low boost, oil will be drawn to the lower points by means of gravity. There is a chance that there is nothing wrong with the blower but that does not mean you can rule it out either. I have seen pools of oil and found a saturated filter in my 04 already which happend shortly after using a thin weight synthetic oil 0w-30. Perhaps an air/oil separator would prevent oil from entering the intake. Breather filters would do the same since that would isolate the crankcase from the intake. The problem with using breather filters is that the pressure differential created in the block would tend to push oil out through the breather filters. I used them for a short time on my 01 which created more of a mess and a potential for an engine fire so I opted for the air/oil separator as a means to reduce the seepage into the intake. As with the 04, I have the SHM filter on the passenger side that is not a perfect solution but it does filter some oil out in the event of flow reversal (I am thinking about adding a check valve or an air/oil separator to it since it is large enough may just place the guts of one of the separators inside the canister, something to consider).

Hopefully it is not the blower and just oil scavaging through the PCV system which can be fixed or reduced to some degree. If you are loosing oil considerably it may be the seals on the blower ( if it requires an oil line connection from the oil pan). If it has a self contained oil system and it is not making any severe noise it just may be scavaging oil from the valve cover. Just a thought.