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06-30-2006, 06:40 AM
I heard about this through a friend who went last year. Glaxier's Mustang Barn is located in Souderton PA. They are having a Customer Day Car show on July 15, 2006 from 10:30am to 3pm. If you are interested in attending, please visit the mustang barn web site and register. The link is provided below.



07-03-2006, 11:30 PM

Are you planning on attending? If so, would you coordinate a meet for our members?


07-04-2006, 11:13 AM
Yes I am planning on attending. I can coordinate a meet for this event. :thumbsup: In order to show your car one must register so they know how many cars will be comming. I was just speaking with a friend of mine who is familiar with this restoration business and he mentioned that there is limited space (hence the reason for registration). So far I have not gotten any feedback when I registered my car. I will be taking a trip down prior to the show to see where it is located and find availalbe locations to park as well as determining the best route to take (not too far from where I work).

How many want to attend? I will probably have to call it in before the weekend so that all the cars have a chance to enter the show. From what I heard it is a trip to take since this shop does really good show quality work as well as restoration to original spec.

I will also be attending the WOTSRA cuise night from 6pm to 10pm.

If anybody is interested, call me at (610) 432-7207
All can meet at my house since there is a small parking lot behind my home
1834 West Hamilton street, Allentown PA. If my car is parked out in front of my home that means that the parking lot is full and the owners of the lot are having their summer picknic (I do not normally park on Hamilton street for obvious reasons).
Directions to my place: from I78/309 Take Hamilton Blvd east (rt 222) through 6 traffic lights. After the 6th traffic light make the first right onto st. George street. On your right you will see a small parking lot (make the right turn before the lot to enter since the entrance to the lot is steep and likes to gouge out exhausts pipes) I will leave my Cobra out in the lot for easy view. Plan to arrive anytime before 9:30am since it will take approximately 45 min to one hour to get there from my home (saturday traffic through quakertown can hold you up). We will be getting back onto the highway and heading south on I78/309 through Coopersburg which will be the route 309 south to Perkasie exit make a right (west) make a left onto Rt 563 and follow to allentown road (left) to wambold road (right).

It all depends on how many want to attend and how many show up. May change the route to get there if only a few show up.

07-05-2006, 10:45 AM
If the weather turns out great, we can all cruise up to Macungie PA for the WOTSRA cruise night from 6pm to 10pm which is a block away from rt 100 so the trip back to the highway would not be that far away (just 10 miles west from the starting point). The mustang barn is not too far away from the NE extention of the PA turnpike Landsdale exit if you do not want to attend the Cuise night. Just head back to Allentown road from the Mustang barn and make a right. Follow allentown road south a few miles and make another right onto 40foot road to rt 63 followed by another right to the turnpike entrance (there will be signs including a shortcut bypass onto rt 63). We may end up traveling on the turnpike if traffic seems a bit conjested in the afternoon to head back to the Lehigh Valley area (also depends on construction if it is still in effect on the PA turnpike northbound) We may even end up taking the turnpike to the event since that would be less confusing for those unfamiliar with the area. I will be planning the actual route that will be easy to follow.

Two car shows in one day, anybody up for it? :D

07-07-2006, 07:44 AM
I went to the Mustang Barn yesterday just to find it and get a good plan on a route down there. It is tricky to find when comming off of Allentown Road (there are two rectangular orange and white stipped signs indicating that the width of the road changes near the end of the industrial park on your right and they are located immediatly on the left, the property is obsured by a tree line on the left which makes it hard to find).

I talked with Dan about the SCMC and possibility of more cars and he basically said the more the merrier. They have been able to fit 140 cars. His concern is running out of food more so than space. He asked if anyone wishing to attend to please register if at all possible however I can call ahead of time indicating those that have not before we depart from Allentown the number of extra people. After meeting with Dan he gave me a small tour of his facility and showed me an early mustang (65 I think) that they have prepped to install an 03/04 crate motor into (they did not have the block yet). :cool: We were also talking about the control Freak IRS system that was in one of the MM&FF issues that they were also considering on the same vehicle. :thumbsup:

Looks like it would be a good event to attend and I am looking forward to it.

07-08-2006, 07:57 AM
I hope the weather holds out for next weekend on the 15th. I am still planning on going rain or shine.

07-13-2006, 06:40 AM
So far this weekend looks like the weather will not pose any problems.

07-16-2006, 11:00 AM
Saturday started out with a bit of light rain but that did not stop me in my tracks (at least on the way down to Glazier's). Had a nice drive down through the back roads and found my way onto the PA turnpike. Once I got into Landsdale the weather was looking like it would hold of the rain at leas for the show. There were about 70 to 80 cars already on display. Alot of nicely restored mustangs, a two cyclones, merqury Cougar and an bright orange merqury Eliminator, one sunbeam tiger, a hand full of Cobra's and one may have been original since it was all aluminum and you can tell it got alot of track duty. A few sleepers also were there on display (mercedies benz with a Ford power plant complete with full roll cage and tubed out rear). A small group of mustangs from the Southern New Jersy Mustang Club were also there. By the time I left the show (1:20pm) there were about 110 vehicles on display not to mention the other cars that others have taken to the show. I either left at the right time or the wrong time since my trip back was not so easy going and the rain did stop me since the traffic on the PA tunpike became a crawl. :eek: Here are some pictures from the show. Enjoy :thumbsup: