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Nates Cobra
06-30-2006, 03:37 PM
Just bought a 2003 Cobra. It feels and looks great! But I have a problem I'm a hands on type of guy in other words I like to do things myself. The Cobra has no routine maintance booklet that came with it? So my question is does anyone Know were I could find a Repair Manual or some kind of maintance worksheet?

Thanks Nate

06-30-2006, 05:10 PM
Welcome to the forums and congrats on the new car. I think you should be able to get hold of Ford for a schedule. I would imagine some one on the site will be able to help. I misplaced mine when I moved and have not found it since.

Nates Cobra
07-01-2006, 08:25 AM
Doesn't Ford charge you a arm and a leg for there manuals?

07-01-2006, 10:13 AM
getting your hands on a good resource will be difficult unless you know a mechanic that has access to the motorcraft distribution center (it may be possible to obtain the real deal through them but they do not sell to the public, but on some occasions they may). I have bought in the past those paper back books at automotive stores only to be dissapointed by the content especially when the book states "take your vehicle to ford service for this type of repair". More than likely the repair manuals are too general especially if they include all models of that year and not specific to the SVT cobra. They also usually end up lacking the needed steps to complete or remove a part so in essence thet tend to be somewhat usless.

What seems to be the issue with your vehicle? It may just be a rountine thing.... perhaps someone in here has come across the problem as well and has a fix for it. There are a few maintance tasks that you should do to your vehicle that are not listed in the maintance record that was intended for owners. Cleaning the intake, throttle body, etc... change coolant every two years, PCV valve needs replacement at that same interval and is usually part of the intake cleaning. Since it is common for motor oil to enter into the intake throught the breather and PCV system, making the intake cleaning part of every other oil change (best to do this before you drop the oil) will keep the lower plenum, runners and intake valves clean and also helps remove varnish build up created by the EGR system.

The part number for the scheduled maintenance guide (for the 04 model year and is very general for all ford vehicles) is 4L3J-19T200-AC printed in October of 2003. The SVT suppliment guide 4R3J-19A285-AA printed in June of 2003. The mustang owners guide 4R3J-19A321-AC (2004) Not sure what the part numbers for the 03 are. They are okay to have but are not very specific except for the fluid levels and fuse locations.

The normal schedule for cars and minivans: replace engine oil every 5k miles. fuel filter and engine air filter every 30k miles and inspec everything else at every oil change interval. 100k miles replace coolant, instpec accesroy drive belts, replace spark plugs and PCV valve. I have not found any fluid change interval for the manual transmission in either the maintanance schedule or the SVT suppliment guide.

07-02-2006, 07:29 AM
Welcome to the board. You will really enjoy you new Cobra. Here is a link to Helm Inc. they publish manuals for Ford. The '03 Mustang shop manual covers the Cobra also. I have it on CD and it has been a great help.


Nates Cobra
07-02-2006, 09:23 PM
Has anybody tired Haynes manuals?

07-03-2006, 09:55 AM
Has anybody tired Haynes manuals?It will give all information you need on what is shared between the Mustang and Cobra, but does not cover anything that is Cobra specific.

Look at the cost of buying a good manual this way. If you spend $150 on it the first time you use it on a job that would take a dealer two or more hours to fix it will have paid for it's self.

Happy 4th of July:thumbsup:

Nates Cobra
07-03-2006, 11:06 AM
Sounds Good! One more question my cobra has just over 17000 miles, the ower before my suggested I change the oil and get new tires soon. Can any body think of anything else I NEED to do to it at this time? Plus I'm looking at getting some Street legal drag tires. Does anybody have any suggestions?

Thanks Nate

07-03-2006, 12:11 PM
It sounds like you want more grip, and associated with that is grenading the differential cover (especially if you plan on launching at elevated RPM's)

I have been to the drag stip and so far have made 24 passes without any problems but I am only using street tires and launching at much lower RPM which hurts my ET and 60' times. Reason why? because I do not have an IRS brace yet.

Best thing to get one of these before it is too late especially if you go to the drag stip (unless your car already has one installed)


If you plan on running slicks you need drive shaft safety loops along with much stronger half shafts....as well as a smaller wheel diameter since they do not make slicks for wheels larger than 16" (if they do it is not very common). Since the street legal drag radials are of a different compound and different construction than slicks you can probably get away without the drive shaft safety loop (depends on the track inspection).

BFG drag radials (been around for quite some time and most have used it)
bfg g-force T/A drag radial (largest in this tire for 17 inch is 225/45r17
best if you have 18" rims to get into the wider width tires)
bfg g-force T/A drag radial 2 (has sizes that will fit the stock 17 inch)
275/40R17 as well as 315/35R17 for the 10.5 x 17 wheels
(note: the drag radial 2 looks more like a goodyear eagle
gatorback tire from the late 80's)
Nitto has drag radials in the 555R series tires that will fit the factory wheel as well as other wheel sizes NT555R 275/40R17 and the 315/35R17.

To run the 315, you would probably need to have a 10" or 10.5" wheel. Not quite sure if the 315 would fit the 9 inch width properly.

There is also Mickey Thompson ET's and others.