View Full Version : Hot Rod Power Tour 2007

07-03-2006, 07:52 AM
Its never too early to start planning....

I am told the 2007 Hot Rod Power Tour will start right here in Cleveland, OH on June 2nd at the I-X Center (2 miles from my home)! It will travel to MI, WI, IL, and end in Little Rock, AR.

This is a great opportunity for us Ohio and nearby state SCMC members to get together as a club and cruise for a couple days or more. I am more than willing to be a starting home base for those who want to stay here the night before ( pending approval from my family of course ).

Start planning now....get the time off....save some vacation! I did the HRPT in 2005 and it is a super time!

I will update this as I get more info....keep an eye here and on www.hotrod.com