View Full Version : more info on noise in front suspension

07-10-2006, 08:08 PM
thankyou guys alot for the info but I have a funny feeling that its not the brake pads. My older brother has a 93 cobra thats pretty much just a race car anymore and when he upgraded the brakes thats when we started hearing the front pads. The noise I'm hearing really isn't noticable as far as being loud what actually made me notice it was the feeling in my feet. It sorta feels like if someone was under the car gently hitting the floor with a dead blow hammer and the sound that would make would probably be similer to the one I'm hearing. I remember a couple of years ago when I installed a set of maximum motorsports caster camber plates on my 89 coupe I didn't install enough shims at the top of the strut tower and that made a similar noise but you could tell that noise came from higher in the engine bay. This noise comes at you really low. Please keep giving me the good ideas. Thanks:)
note this car is bone stock the only thing I have done so far is the K&N cold air kit. Man that blower wine is cool it really makes those tuners stop and look.

07-12-2006, 06:14 AM
If it was creaking I believe I would know the cause of that one. But check into it anyway. With the car on a level surface, start it up and have someone turn the wheel for you while you look at the steering rack. The rack should not move but the steering rods should. I had an issue with mine in that the bolts holding the rack in place were too small (or the inner diameter of the pin sleeves were too big). This caused the steering rack to shift from side to side even when going over bumps. You may want to inspect the anti-roll bar and connecting points to verify it is still in good shape. Also check the tie rods on the steering rack for looseness. If you lift the front of the car off the ground you can inspect parts of the front suspension for loosness only as long as you support the weight by the jack point behind the front wheel (suspension must have free play on both sides). With the car off the ground you should also inspect strut towers, as well as the K member bolts as well as the sub frame points for cracks.