View Full Version : SV track event at California Speedway 7-21 Full Course!

07-12-2006, 01:20 AM
Friday at California Speedway; July 21st, 2006

Price: Friday $340 (Instruction mandatory for first-timers - $30 per day)

Duration: 1 day 2+ hours of track time per group!**

Track: California Speedway Fontana, CA

Registration: https://speedventures.com/event_forms.asp

Timing: Transponders are available for rental.

Event Info:

Join us for a Fabulous Friday at the incredible Cal Speedway, where we'll be running the full, 2.8 mile "Roval" (aka Grand Am Config) in the counter-clockwise direction.

There will be no "cone chicanes" added to the track; this will be a full-speed event limited only by your car and judgement. We will be running three regular run groups, with five sessions per group, totalling 2+ hours per group. There will be 3 run groups at this event with limited registration to keep traffic light. A sample schedule is here (http://www.speedventures.com/schedule.asp) for your information, though schedules do change based upon attendance.


**Note - Details of this event are subject to change. Event will run rain or shine.

07-12-2006, 11:04 AM
Dang...just looking at the track layout drives my adrenaline levels up!!