View Full Version : Driver's side front window won't go up??

07-18-2006, 12:47 PM
I can here the solonoid clicking when I press the power window up button, but no response from it. I've had intermittent issues with it (mostly infrequent) but now I can't get it to go up at all so it's just sitting in the garage :(

Anyone have experience with this type of issue? Suggestions on what to check first? It is out of warranty, so I don't want to bring it the "repair thieves" at the dealer - they may as well just hold up a gun when they suggest the costs on repairs. The rear passenger window wouldn't go down - I fixed it in 10 minutes - the tracking cable was mis-aligned - they told me $1200 because the window was warped and needed to be replaced. Grrr.

Anyways, thanks in advance for your help.

'03 Zinc Yellow 'vert

07-19-2006, 08:03 AM
You need a new window regulator. If you are still under warranty it is a free fix. I had it do on the same door as you. Mine was also intermittent. :thumbsup:

07-19-2006, 11:44 AM
sounds like the regulator, like Beerkat said...had this happen on my Tahoe and Honda :thumbsup:

07-19-2006, 03:49 PM
Anyone know a good place to order it online? The best price I can find it locally for is $100...

Thanks in advance,


07-20-2006, 09:08 AM
try Steve at Tousley Ford, he'll give you 10% over cost on all Ford parts...

07-20-2006, 10:20 AM
You can try a free temp fix....... Open your door from the inside. Use your right hand and press and hold the window switch in the "up" position. While holding the button down, use your left hand to slam the door shut... Sometimes it works. Give it a try, it just takes a second and it's free.

07-22-2006, 11:26 AM
I had this happen to me right before I went down the track @NMRA Bowling Green KY the year I raced our 03 Cobra...do what Josh said..that is what I did.. the cars are common for this type of thing with the windows..if that doesnt work for you..then it is the regulator and will need replaced..

07-24-2006, 12:10 PM
Thanks all! The "trick" worked, although I am concerned. Will this "trick" eventually not work? Is it telling me I should be proactive and fix it? Or should I just use the trick until it doesn't work anymore?



07-24-2006, 12:21 PM
never had it happen again after that...only that one time...and the new owner has never stated that he has had issues with it..

07-26-2006, 11:07 AM
I had to do it, and it lasted for about 6 months or so before I had to do it again. It worked for over a year before I sold the car. If you take it into ford, odds are, they'll do that "trick" and give the car back to you.