View Full Version : Help, IRS or no, and SLA or no?

07-19-2006, 07:30 PM
OK, for all you suspension guruís out there, here is my dilemma: according to posts and magazine articles, there are various opinions on whether or not to use IRS, and also whether or not the ffice:smarttags" /><ST1:place w:st="on">SLA</ST1:place> front suspension is worth it. I have heard from one side that all that is needed for the IRS is good bushings (preferably Delrin) and springs and the suspension will probably be more than you can handle. On the other side of the story, many say that the IRS will never have the right geometry, has to high of a roll center and will always feel loose especially on rougher surfaces; therefore the only true fix is solid axle beefed with the works to correct there geometry. As far as the front goes, the debate is definitely out on the cost versus true gains from the <ST1:place w:st="on">SLA</ST1:place> front suspension. I do plan on running time trials, HPDE, possibly open road events, and hopefully working my way onto a track for real at some point. The car is scheduled to have a custom cage installed in the near future that will meet both NASA and Silver State Unlimited Class specs. But based on the costs of the suspension components and the labor involved, I would really like to do this one time and not have to change. The car currently has springs, rear steer, CC plates and wheel spacers, and it handles better than before, but not as well as others I have been in, and not nearly as well as my dads Saleen. Any input would be greatly appreciated. This is not meant to start the IRS vs. solid axle debates, merely to be informative on the proís and conís of both, and the true gains of the <ST1:place w:st="on">SLA</ST1:place> vs. coil-overs, k-member, etc. Also the companies and systems that would be recommended to control one of these cars at speeds in excess of 170 mph. I am all about being safe, and therefore want it to be right before I go for it. Thanks for all your help. Hopefully I can get away from work every once in a while to join some of you on the tracks and the 411.:bounce: That would be cool!!

07-19-2006, 07:31 PM
Sorry about the paste, it should be SLA where the jumble is. Thanks again guys.