View Full Version : Putting The SQ Back In...Finally!

07-23-2006, 09:23 PM
Last month the Vortech supercharger took a dump and spilled oil everywhere. And by everywhere, I mean not only in the discharge tubing, but the inlet tubing as well. Here is the air filter assembly:


Oil leaked out of the bendable hose all over the MAF. Anyway, all is clean now, except the throttle body. I would clean the IMRC, but I am just too tired...Here comes Seafoam!! I will video that!

In preparation to re-install the supercharger, I would like to move a few things around. The following picture shows what I think is a coolant pathway. One of the rubber tubes is red and is connected to a black rubber tube. On either side of this pathway are identical regulators(F6ZE-9F491-DA). What is this?


I would like to lower and/or bring closer to the radiator this whole contraption since it is slightly in the way of the installation.

So, this is the point at which I have stopped for the night. Next time is probably Wednesday night...

07-24-2006, 02:44 PM
OK Now that I'm at work and I found a little time...

That is an air supply valve... as in thermactor air... It provides O2 for the cats to do their conversions.

And it stops on decell so there is no popping...