View Full Version : 580 movies and counting in the vault! Dial-up Beware!

08-02-2006, 09:12 PM
Well actually 584 movies to be precise.

go here: 04snake.com/movies.htm (http://04snake.com/movies.htm)
...give it a couple minutes to load and knock yourself out!
New original live NHRA multi-camera videos plus lots of new 06 Stang footage and everything else you might see or want to see at the track! :eek:

Sorry no street racing :nono:

And if you get cross-eyed looking at all the movies, take a break to see what the heck I am still messing with on my 04 and jump over to my 04snake.com home page (http://04snake.com) ..or don't, up to you :cheers: