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08-25-2006, 11:28 AM
This car started it all for me. I had some rough times with it, but in the end, it became a very reliable, fast car. It was capable of handling 470rwhp terminators from a dig or a roll. It ran mid 11's at 122-124mph in garbage air. Not bad for a heavy old vert. This club helped me out so much with this car and some members even pitched in to help me get the engine rebuilt. That engine held together through easy driving and also some serious abuse (7800rpm pulls sometimes), 1 busted TKO trans and 1 busted X2C V.1 race trans and it never hiccuped. 2 days before i sold it, I did a compression check on the engine. High #185 and the lowest was #181. So it's still solid to this day. I took a $15,000 cash offer for it.

I snapped a few pics of it, and also some of the replacement. I've been modding the 97 cobra from stone stock since october, 2001. It's been an excellent car, and I've learned a lot from it. Here's a video of the 97 from awhile back, and some pictures are posted below. I just wanted to tell everyone thank you so much for all the help with everything, and especially, the financial help when I needed it the most. That means so much to me and I will never forget it. http://host.stangsource.com/smashedheadcat/Ride in the Vobra.wmv


97 Cobra mods:
Randy Haywood (when he was at TBP) Built shortblock
Vortech v2 s-trim 3.33 pulley
Long tubes, dr gas x-pipe with borla stingers
X2C v.1 race trans
Mcleod street twin
2003 cobra independant rear suspension
511rwhp 398rwtq

Twin turbocharged 2003 cobra:

http://www.picfury.com/1f/DSC00890-1-th.JPG (http://www.picfury.com/1f/DSC00890-1.html)http://www.picfury.com/img/banner7.png (http://www.picfury.com/index.php)

http://www.picfury.com/1f/DSC00891-2-th.JPG (http://www.picfury.com/1f/DSC00891-2.html)http://www.picfury.com/img/banner7.png (http://www.picfury.com/index.php)

http://www.picfury.com/1f/DSC00892-2-th.JPG (http://www.picfury.com/1f/DSC00892-2.html)http://www.picfury.com/img/banner7.png (http://www.picfury.com/index.php)

http://www.picfury.com/1f/DSC00893-1-th.JPG (http://www.picfury.com/1f/DSC00893-1.html)http://www.picfury.com/img/banner7.png (http://www.picfury.com/index.php)

http://www.picfury.com/1f/DSC00894-2-th.JPG (http://www.picfury.com/1f/DSC00894-2.html)http://www.picfury.com/img/banner7.png (http://www.picfury.com/index.php)

http://www.picfury.com/1f/DSC00895-2-th.JPG (http://www.picfury.com/1f/DSC00895-2.html)http://www.picfury.com/img/banner7.png (http://www.picfury.com/index.php)

http://www.picfury.com/1f/DSC00896-2-th.JPG (http://www.picfury.com/1f/DSC00896-2.html)http://www.picfury.com/img/banner7.png (http://www.picfury.com/index.php)

http://www.picfury.com/1f/DSC00897-2-th.JPG (http://www.picfury.com/1f/DSC00897-2.html)http://www.picfury.com/img/banner7.png (http://www.picfury.com/index.php)

http://www.picfury.com/1f/DSC00898-1-th.JPG (http://www.picfury.com/1f/DSC00898-1.html)http://www.picfury.com/img/banner7.png (http://www.picfury.com/index.php)

http://www.picfury.com/1f/DSC00899-1-th.JPG (http://www.picfury.com/1f/DSC00899-1.html)http://www.picfury.com/img/banner7.png (http://www.picfury.com/index.php)

08-26-2006, 10:34 PM
nice looking replacement:thumbsup:

Big Daddy
08-27-2006, 09:48 AM

Sorry to see blackie go, but I understand that sometimes two snakes in the garage is one too many.

Now when did you put the stripes on the white one?? I like them!! :thumbsup:

08-30-2006, 07:49 AM
I put the stripes on about 4 weeks ago or so. I really wish I could have kept the black car, but it really was time to let it go. I just wasn't driving it like it deserved to be driven. I only put like 20 miles on it the last 2 months I had it. Everytime I went out to "play" I'd bring the white car. So the black car kinda got neglected unless it was nice convertible weather.