View Full Version : 05-07 GT Diablo/C&L/TB/& MAC SS Axleback

08-30-2006, 01:51 PM
Not having luck selling entire kit, so lets try something different...

If I decide to split this up here are prices shipped since a couple are big items....

C&L Intake New $375 - Sell $300
MAC SS Axle Back New $349.50 Paid $325 Sell $250
LFP/Accufab Twin Blade TB New $415-$499 - Sell $365
DiabloSport Predator 05' Automatic W/ATS Custom Tunes New $390 + $Custom Tune Sell $300 Only used 2 times

Original post

Parts from/for 2005 Automatic GT....Here are all the parts I have..

05' C&L Intake W/MAF & Filter Complete Street Kit was on car 4-5 Weeks less than 1000miles Paid $375 05-06 Mustang GT C&L Trueflow System
05' Diablo Sport Handheld less than 1 month old Paid $390 W/Custom Tune
LFP/Accufab Style Throttle Body was on car less than 2 weeks Paid $415 (This bolt on alone made more difference in the butt dyno than all the other mods together)
05' MAC 100% Stainless AxleBack 2.5" w/ 4" Tips Part Number: TK2546
on car about 8 months Paid something like $325

Because everything is in excellent shape & hardly used, I was trying to sell this locally as a complete package for $1100 Shipped....Call if you interested 843-252-9160 Mike McHale

We ran car at Jackson during the last SVT meet, Rick from ATS tuned on the car...Car ran 13.71 with Exhaust Only.....C&L Intake & Diablo got the car down to a 13.33....Didn't get to run car with TB in 1/4 Mile but did run .15 quicker in the 1/8....I'm sure car might would broke into the 12's....This kit is obviously worth 1 sec or more over stock...