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09-10-2006, 03:57 AM
Here are a handful of my favorite new to me (you might have seen them before) videos and I thought I would share some quick links.

The page they come from has 5 different sections, below I listed the links for some of my favorite new additions plus each section.

Right Click; Save As.... for best results. Goto my Movies Page for VLC player to play .mpg & .mpeg :thumbsup:

What is it like on the roof over 100 mph? shocking in-car video! (http://04snake.com/movies/dragstrip_wreck.wmv)

This Movie is not that clear but a 67 Camaro hits the wall HARD! Driver survives! (http://04snake.com/movies/scc4_67camaro_crash.mpg)

Evolution trys for some firsts with their Black GT500, punish that $65k cutie! 11.06 @ 128 *34Mg* (http://04snake.com/movies/ShelbyGT500_1106-128.wmv)

Smooth as silk Twin Turbo Gran Nannie in this tremendous in-car video! 8.60 @ 160 (http://04snake.com/movies/GNTT860-160.mpeg)

Gen4 Camaro with a big Cam and plenty of N2O explodes out of the hole! 9.67 @ 137 (http://04snake.com/movies/LS1-jugga967-137.wmv)

Texas Motorplex is where this NOPI 350Z big tire Doorslammer ran a 8.33 @ 176! (http://04snake.com/movies/Motorplex_350z_833_176.wmv)


Qualifier pass of Mr. Major in his 01 silver C5 Z06! 8.14 @ 175 (http://04snake.com/movies/Qual-Major-01Z06-814-175.wmv)

Paul Major takes his LS6 Stroker C5 Z06 on a testing pass! (http://04snake.com/movies/Major01silverTurboZ06testing.wmv)

Beautiful 72 Vette Blue Coupe built to run looks solid, sounds great! 8.26 @ 172 (http://04snake.com/movies/Qual72BlueCoupe826-172.wmv)

Vette's square off and Black 86 wins W/8.27 over Shaw's 70 Red Coupe (http://04snake.com/movies/Shaw70redCoupevsMitchell86black-827-137.wmv)

Major Spray takes his Turbo C5 Z06 on a fast pass! 7.96 @ 170 (http://04snake.com/movies/VetteDoctorsmajorspray-796-170.wmv)

Setup sharp looking Black Outlaw Stang on 3/4 pass. 7.79 @ 156 (http://04snake.com/movies/StangOutlawBlack-779-156.wmv)

SN95 style body Turbo Stang! 3/4 pass at Atco. 8.76 @ 149 (http://04snake.com/movies/RedSN95TurboTest-876-149.wmv)

Sweet Classic Blue Big Block Vette doing a shakedown pass. 8.39 @ 169 (http://04snake.com/movies/VetteTest-839-169.wmv)

Silver SN95 Blown Mustang GT launches hard at Atco. 9.72 @ 141 (http://04snake.com/movies/SN95alain-972-141.wmv)

Silver Stang runs a solid nine at Atco rental 9.89 @ 140 (http://04snake.com/movies/SN95alain-989-140.wmv)

Here is the video of the Big Aussie Capri pictured below! Gets all 4 wheels off the ground!

http://04snake.com/images/movie_images/capriWheelie-300.jpg (http://04snake.com/movies/Capri-long-wheelie-sept-06.wmv)


http://04snake.com/images/tiretwist-300.jpg (http://04snake.com/images/tiretwist.jpg)

Terminators, late model and new edge Stangs (http://04snake.com/movies.htm#terminators)
Fox, Lightnings, Classic and any other Ford (http://04snake.com/movies.htm#StangsRacing)
My original movies of other racers (http://04snake.com/movies.htm#MyOrig)
2005 movies of the 04SNAKE, with me rowing the gears (http://04snake.com/movies.htm#mymovies)
Everything else you see at the track, muscle cars, bikes, wrecks... (http://04snake.com/movies.htm#leftoverRacing)

Well there you go, have at it and post up you favorites, if yours are different! :cheers:
Over 750 movies!
Any feedback is much appreciated!
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